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replied the topic Should I get rid of Facebook from my life? created by listen

No doubt! Because there appears to be a doubt in your mind to even ask the question, so what I would do is give it a try. You could always get back on whenever you like. And start out fresh. But, in general, I think that people can be focusing too much on less important things. Not against Facebook. Facebook is wonderful! but, I do believe that too many Americans DO NOT HAVE the same state of mind that we started with when we first started this country. We have been doing the right things, making a living and such but NOT focusing on our rights for much too long. For example, Look at what we have let the Electric Companies get away with at robbing us ridiculously.

1618 days ago
replied the topic Why do people want to be famous ( in the internet or irl ) ? created by Yuulinshi

We can't read minds so we would have to ask those who are being truly honest in order to know. Many people, such as psychologists, believe they know exactly why but I believe that none of us can know anything UNLESS we have "been there". Not similar situations. It must be exactly. For example, how can a rehab counselor help anyone unless they have "been there"? You feel me!?

1618 days ago
replied the topic Which is more harmful alcohol or marijuana? created by pustoi11

According to what we know by what has been reported, Alcohol has caused more deaths than any other excess amounts of substances put into the body and brain! But as far as the moderation usage of both I don't have an answer until getting all the facts from reliable sources (other than testing in my own laboratory).

1618 days ago
replied the topic What is the best site to download software? created by BTW

Definitely, you can find good freeware at!! and you may want to try

1648 days ago
replied the topic I need 1K$ by the end of these week in my paypal account,any kinda desperate? created by wiss

Post yourself online and at the churches and stores bulletin boards in your neighborhood for yard, house cleaning or dog walking, baby sitting, etc.

1648 days ago
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