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replied the topic What would you buy if you want to make yourself happy? created by finefin

The Bible!

1705 days ago
replied the topic Does pure friendship exist between men and women? created by snoopy

Yes of course.

The question is why are you friends?

Are you motivated by brotherly love, agape love etc...

You could also be motivated by erotic love.

But true you could as well have been motivated by agape or brotherly love.

These could develop into erotic love later but may not as well.

So yes, it is very normal and possible.


1705 days ago
replied the topic Do you like eating fish? What is your favorite fish to eat? created by Lisaly

Yes, of course I like eating fish.

Tilapia is the best fish for me.

The boiled one or fried one is the best to me

1705 days ago
replied the topic How to say "Thank you" in your language? created by naokoki

it the main local language in Uganda, which is luganda, you say it as follows:


This link can guide of the pronounciation.


1705 days ago
replied the topic What are you a fan of? created by ross

I am a fun of christian gospel preachers

1705 days ago
replied the topic What is your favourite mobile device? created by prophet22

Any tablet

1705 days ago
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