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replied the topic Defrag files and separation created by cadendadd

use Q&Q defragment software that is the best powerful defragment tool i have ever came across

425 days ago
replied the topic My sound problems created by orjanlarsson1

I can understand your problem
the easiest way around is to download 3d chip driver scanner and downloader
it will scan your computer for the missing drivers and you just click on the links and download them and install
here is the link make sure your computer has internet connection enjoy

427 days ago
replied the topic Too long to shut down system created by ramonford

hello please follow this guide to reduce windows xp shutdown time

429 days ago
replied the topic Why can't I install Adobe Acrobat Reader on my PC? created by pyromania

unisntall the adobe reader
run registery cleaner like wise cleaner
download adobe reader from this link and install

430 days ago
replied the topic Broken registry cleaning with 2 d .results. created by wisem

Sometimes you need to reboot in order for the cleaning process to take action so reboot and rescan maybe some registry cleaning softwares digs deeper into the system than others so it won't harm your computer to use more than one

945 days ago
replied the topic How to hide my i.p address created by rehan05

use http injector on ur android phone

or psiphon for windows

1026 days ago
replied the topic Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? created by sandipguchait

CHrome is your best shot fast secure and compatible i'll choose Google behind it because it's fast try to compare all popular browsing software you will see

1026 days ago
replied the topic CD Rewriter does not recognise media created by Cherishscope


try more than on dvd disk in your dvd drive make sure they are not scratched if all of them fails check the cable connection of your dvd drive into your computer/laptop change the connection cable if necessary if that fails too could be a sign that you need to change your dvd drive

1450 days ago
replied the topic Wifi hotspot on pc windows7 created by sk24624

easy steps

follow the video
no programs needed

1464 days ago
replied the topic It is harnful to the computer created by Flyshield

a virus trojan spyware something that manipulate hard disk read speed or voltage or Bios cracks sometims contian trojans may led your pc to get hacked or spied thats it

1464 days ago
replied the topic Cell phone battery drain out very soon created by waqas786z

use greenify to kill all apps when you r not using the phone

1469 days ago
replied the topic How can I protect myself on internet created by mazeal


install strong firewall

do not click any suspicious links from people you don't know or any attractive pictures that seems inappropriate

use a strong antivirus if you never use patches for games then use mcafee or kaspersky

use long strong passwords combination must have numbers capital letters symbols example 2r@8Af&9

1475 days ago
replied the topic How to speed up window 10 created by mazeal

use windows 10 manager by yamicsoft>>>

you can fully customize your windows 10 let me state some features

clean registry

clean unneeded temporarily files off windows "junk cleaner"

remove shortcut arrow on icons >> was very annoying until i knew i can do it

disable updates of windows

disable windows firewall

disable asking for a password every time to log on

disable file prefetcher speeds windows starting up

disable icons in the tray menu only keeps the important ones

1475 days ago
replied the topic Malware strikes, How to clean an infected PC created by Flyshield

hey there
Clean your pc with wisecleaner

use free antispyware >>>

scan and remove all cracked programmes or compress them to stay safe

remove tracks and secure your wifi

use strong firewall

Symantec by Norton is a very powerful antivirus scan ur pc with it


1475 days ago
replied the topic Making money online created by raza49712

most easy way join poular survey panels and register at neobux and clicsense invite your friends to join you with your referral link and learn the strategy



this is a link to make your own US bank account and get a free visa card delivered at your door

this is to compete surveys and earn money

1585 days ago
replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong

yellow fits all sorts of light during the sunny day or at the dark night

1585 days ago
replied the topic Windows SmartScreen Issue created by Wise_EPL

were you trying to setup a program? try to disable antivirus and run the setup again

1585 days ago
replied the topic WiseCleaner, CCleaner or IObit? created by yoursong

well to me all of them has its own way for cleaning system ccleaner cares for privacy and history and temp in the internet temp directories Wise cleaner cares for cashed setup files left over after update and history of internet temp as well as ability to delete wallpapers of system or unused language setup files , iobit scans deep and remove empty folder and directories and temp files as well my advice use iobit along with wisecleaner

1585 days ago
replied the topic Recycle Bin is empty after I delete files. created by yoursong

Shift-delete makes file automatically deleted and don't go to recylce bin
otherwise there matbe third party software that enabled delet files directly without recycle bin like windows 10 manager check

1654 days ago
replied the topic Formating hard drive created by marydebb

use any system img like Acronis true image or Ghost from a cd your best choice is Hiren boot Cd it's bootbable and have these progs on it you boot it go at the menu thenb backup progs choose acronis take an image of your drive with Win 10 wait untill process finish now you have an image of the whole win 10 drive then move it to USB flash then format your pc after format restore by hiren cd choose the win 10 img and off you go
hope that helped

1654 days ago
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