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Option 1: Refresh The IP Address
Step 1: Refresh the IP address on the computer using the command prompt. Go to Start and type CMD .
pulse dot ip on the net
Step 2: When the program window appears, type the command to remove the current IP address: " ipconfig / release ". Depending on the number of adapters installed on the device, the system will show different results:
pulse dot ip on the net
Note: If the computer establishes a static IP address, the command line failure will appear: The operation failed as no adapter is in the permissible state for this operation. In this case, skip to Step 2 .
pulse dot ip on the net
Step 3: After deleting the old IP address, we will refresh the IP address by entering the command " ipconfig / renew ".
The new IP address will appear in the IPv4 Address line .
pulse dot ip on the net
Method 2: Reset Static IP Address
When your computer uses a static IP address, you can manually switch to a new IP address that does not coincide with other computers in the system, using DHCP so that the system sets its own IP address.
Step 1: Go to Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center . In the left column, select Change adapter settings .
pulse dot ip on the net
Step 2: Right click on the network that the computer is using. Select " Properties ".
pulse dot ip on the net
Step 3: In the window that appears, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and press the Properties button .
pulse dot ip on the net
Step 4: Here, you can choose to have the system automatically obtain new IP address from the DHCP server (select Obtain an IP address automatically ) or manually enter a new static IP address (choose: Use the following IP address ).
pulse dot ip on the net
If you do not know how to set up a static IP, you should let the system automatically set up a new IP. DHCP will automatically detect the IP address that has been set and set the computer to a non-conflicting address.
If you have tried both of these methods and still can not connect to the network, the problem may be with the router.
Option 3: Wireless Router
One of the simplest ways to resolve IP conflicts is to reboot your wireless router.
When the router is turned on weekly, monthly, errors will arise. Restarting the router solves most of the problems encountered. After restarting the router, restart your computer again.
Rarely is an error occurring with the DHCP server when it assigns computers the same IP address. In this case, it is best to upgrade the firmware for the router. Most computer users never upgrade the firmware to the router so the IP conflict is very easy to happen. Installing the firmware is not simple, but if you are a tech person, then try once to renew your old router.

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You will keep logging in for 22 days or more, that being apply

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