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replied the topic What will be the Perfect version for this PC ? created by Masum 726 days ago

look sir ,i do also using Firefox browser and i only notice this when i open more new tabs,so try to not open much tabs because it some times hang the browser,second thing before you finish your surfing net i advice you to close all tabs one by one so next time when you open the browser you get it easier and faster with only one Tabb,finally you can go to the main page and choose refresh Firefox and your problem will be solved Allah 's willing .


replied the topic I hope such tragedy will never happen again created by sunrise 733 days ago

if you want to feel rest remember that all things goes by Allah 's willing and no one can stop them .


replied the topic What will be the Perfect version for this PC ? created by Masum 733 days ago

i think its not the matter of Firefox it self but how much new windows u open n it at the same time,try to clear cash and history and see the result finally u can reset the browser.


replied the topic The difference... created by frenchkiss08 733 days ago

game including sport but sport not in the most including the game.


replied the topic Internet dating to do or not to do? That is the question. created by wunduful42 733 days ago

to not and thats my opinion and advice,and sorry you said to stay old fashion but its nt an old fashion but its aclear clean new fashion.


replied the topic What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once? created by edge 818 days ago

think and think and think around you ,who you are and where you are and why you here in this world,i think if i were you the first thing is to be concerning about religion is it right or wrong,i recommend you to take a look at Islam religion so may Allah guide you to the right path.


replied the topic Do you think breakfast in the morning is good or bad? Why? What type of food maintains good blood sugar levels? created by vanya 830 days ago

look sir Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, and with good reason,Like gasoline in your car, breakfast provides the fuel you need to take on the challenges of your day. Breakfast powers up your body and your brain and reduces the risk of weight gain. Even a quick breakfast is better than nothing, and about maintaining your blood sugar try these building meals around plant-based foods, including fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil. Fish and chicken are eaten regularly but not red meat, butter, or sweets. Phytonutrients and fiber in the plant foods help with blood sugar control, and the olive oil might reduce inflammation also Eating more anthocyanins—the nutrients that give grapes and berries their bright red and blue colors—was linked to better blood sugar control in a new British study. One portion a day of grapes or berries can have the same impact on blood sugar as a one-point reduction in your body mass index, says researcher Aedin Cassidy of Norwich Medical School.


replied the topic How to format windows mobile on our own? created by Aravi 830 days ago

its easy sir to do hard reset for your mobile phone just follow these steps and Allah 's willing you got a result :

1) firstable turning off your phone.

2) Afterwards press and hold the Power button + Volume Down buttons simultaneously .

3) Release the buttons when you see the exclamation point.

4) Press the following buttons sequencely and one by one ,press and release and go to other button press and release and so on ,press : ( Volume Up - > Volume Down-> Power - > Volume Down ).

5) wait for awhile and now Success! The hard rest has just been performed.


replied the topic Браузер название created by RIPPER 830 days ago

я думаю, что это лучший браузер (Firefox) просто попробуйте и вы хотели бы его С божьей помощью :

С уважением,

replied the topic Mozilla always not responding created by Brian_wijaya2010 830 days ago

hi sir, try these two links it might help you allah 's willing :


replied the topic WINDOWS INSTALATION created by WAJID 831 days ago

try these two websites with some discussions about same problem you had and they may help you Allah 's willing :


replied the topic What is the most powerful passport in the world? created by philip 831 days ago

their are so many but at the top you find Germany passport with total 177 countries you can visit without a visa and the second come Sweden with 176 and Finland,France,Italy,Spain,UK come at the third with 175 countries you can visit without a visa apply and that's According to Henley & Partners' Visa Restrictions Index and here is the link if you want to know more :


replied the topic Do you think coco can make me fat created by siele 832 days ago

coca is not good for your health so avoided much better :


replied the topic Blue screen Windows 10 created by fritte 832 days ago

try this link it might help you Allah 's willing :


replied the topic как избавиться от лишних браузеров в телефоне ,их аж 4 (Микромакс) .прошить..!? created by fin 832 days ago


replied the topic Which one is good for health? Tea or Coffee? created by Donna 832 days ago

i think both are benfit if we have them wisely ,so no exceed the limit so no sideffects and allah knows.

replied the topic What is the best brand of wireless router? created by outside 837 days ago

ok sir before you buy anew router you should follow these steps which som of expert men said :

1) Make sure your next wireless router offers 802.11ac (or Gigabit Wi-Fi) support. Even at its base level, 802.11ac offers 1300Mbps of throughput. That’s more than twice as fast as the maximum the previous standard 802.11n Wi-Fi could manage, and it’s also backwards compatible with older devices (although they don’t benefit from that speed boost),New 802.11ac routers can also handle more concurrent connections, something that’s increasingly important now that so many devices want to use your Wi-Fi network.
2) Even the Best Rated Wi-Fi Routers Can Have Varying Results, So Buy From a Retailer That Allows Returns
3)Finally, a tip about placement of your wireless router, If you’re in a one room apartment, placement probably isn’t a big deal. But for most homes, the spot where you set up your router can have a huge impact on your Wi-Fi network’s performance.
and here are some web sites it may help you Allah 's willing to choose the best router :


replied the topic Crashing browser every version of firefox created by pengie62 837 days ago

try this link and it may help you Allah 's willing :


replied the topic Muslims festival Eid-Ul-Adha.. created by Anjum 837 days ago

its Avery very nice good event and its one of two eids in the the year for Muslims to celebrate and the story of this eid as Allah said in the holy Quran belongs to our master prophet Ibrahim when he said to his son i have seen in my dream that i should sacrifice you and when he is about to do that Allah sent down from heaven A ram as a feat sacrifice to our prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice instead of his son, ALLAH SAID in holy Quran (And We ransomed him with a Feat sacrifice)(107) قال تعالى : وَفَدَيْنَاهُ بِذِبْحٍ عَظِيمٍ (107)
and from that day till now each year we are as Muslims celebrating this even, so happy eid to all Muslims.


replied the topic How to speed the ram of computer created by 123_434 839 days ago

to speed ram do these steps :
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
search in the list for SuperFetch and click on it and choose properties
in the next page we choose disable after click on apply and on stop
finally restart your computer and see the different.


replied the topic What is good Customer Service? created by cina 841 days ago

good custumer care means care then careful wit custumers so its belong to taking care of citizens in all ways,so no neglect to those whom call u via phone for som services and no neglect to what they want and no neglect to their opinions,and finnally b patient wit them unless they were abad n talking or behaviour then u can judge them via law,and this s my view abt it.


replied the topic loveliest player in IRAN created by fladykiller 844 days ago

i dnt know exactly but try this link and you might find what you want Allah 's willing :


replied the topic Любовь Давайте разбираться!!!! created by VIRUS 844 days ago

естественная чистая любовь, которая ведет, чтобы сделать хороший семья из аллаху, а другая фальшивая любовь от дьявола,так что есть два типа любви, во-первых, с реальными эмоциями, что приводит к браку, а второй с плохими эмоциями, что приводит к прелюбодеянию,и зверь является первым типом, как аллах приказал нам.

С уважением,

replied the topic How to stop letting little things affect my mood? created by hanabi 844 days ago

neglect them and concern yourself with whats important and dnt think much about it and take these things as a jock and you might not b affected again Allah 's willing.


replied the topic Why are some people always curious about other's life/business? created by au52 844 days ago

you have right sir,there are so many around like that and its because of void i think,so its like disease we shoud b away of it and it needs a strong intention and determination to get rid of it.


replied the topic What is your favorite Asian country? created by ohayo 844 days ago

for me i think china is the best.

replied the topic Do you love China?What should I prepare for this trip? created by 574117954 845 days ago

i think china is like any other countries in the world so the best thing is to be your cargo light, and carry casual clothes. Allowesam of unnecessary walking shoes, jackets can be worn in layers, to match the diversity of climate,and here are some of other carries list :

replied the topic Which is the most polluted city in the world? created by akhil_raj001 845 days ago

try to read this link below it might help you Allah 's willing :


replied the topic What is your favorite thing about America? created by shawn 845 days ago

the many opportunities.


replied the topic How to overcome being shy with strangers? created by icecream 850 days ago

you yourself can doit,try at the moment of shying to remember that you want to get rid of this happit and remember that they are lik you ahumanbeing so allah 's willing you dnt shy again.

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