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replied the topic Why do people love to roast marshmallows? created by amish

Well if you toast it, it becomes crispy on the outside but oh-so-chewy on the inside. Just try it and you'll know the reason why.

942 days ago
replied the topic Which kind of medicine do you think is safer? created by yoyoyo

As a medicine student, I want to clarify some stuff. First of all, herbal medicines would still release chemicals in your body. Herbal medicines are good alternative to man-made (chemical) ones since they're cheaper and natural. However, some may not be scientifically proven to cure a disease and some may have side effects that we're not familiar with since studies about herbal medicines are very limited.
It depends on your condition though. If it's a serious disease like heart disease or high blood pressure, I would still prefer the chemical ones since it has an accurate dose which will make sure that you have enough medication for your condition and it is tested scientifically so there's a good chance you will get healed. When using herbal medicines, you're not sure how much medicine or herbal product you need to take to cure your symptoms. This could get you overdosed where you can get poisoned or underdosed which will not cure your disease. Keep in mind that there are also plants that produce chemicals in their fruits/leaves/stems that is toxic to us. These toxic products can be harmful for us in a small amount or beneficial in small amounts but harmful on larger amounts. However if your disease is just mild like cough or colds, herbal medicine is a good choice and there are a lot of herbal options for those.
I suggest asking your doctor about some alternative herbal medicines just to be sure.

942 days ago
replied the topic The prefix gastro refers to which bodily organ? created by berge

It's the stomach!
FYI entero for the intestines
pneumo for lungs
cardio for the heart

947 days ago
replied the topic Weak Monthly Period... created by beatrix

No need to worry! Because you're now more active, your pelvic muscles and your uterus have become stronger now. The muscles in your uterus contracts to remove blood when you're having a period. Because of your exercise, your uterus is contracting better which results to better expulsion of blood and lesser days of period. Since your muscles are also stronger, contraction due to period will not give you cramps. You should be glad with this!

947 days ago
replied the topic How to Get Your Children Away from TV? created by Chandkhan

Get them engaged in something better like playing sports or reading books or playing in the playground (not gadgets please) Also, don't make TV available all day. Just make a specific time in a day when they can watch TV.

947 days ago
replied the topic stomach acidity solution? created by waqas1a

There are a lot of antacids in pharmacies but you may also try drinking milk. Take note that the milk should be the ones that can be purchased in tetra packs (liquid milk). Powdered milk can increase the acidity of your stomach even more.
To avoid hyperacidity of the stomach, avoid eating junk foods, drinking sodas, sour juices and coffee. Processed food such as cup noodles, instant coffee and juice are acidic in nature so they can add up to your hyperacidity.

947 days ago
replied the topic wherre is the best places in philippin created by Taizane

I highly recommend palawan. It has a lot of scenic views and you try different nature tours all in one island.

947 days ago
replied the topic If you promise a travel with your friend, but you have to cancel it , what would you do? created by jackyjacky

Just say it to him/her. I'm sure there's a good reason why you have to cancel. Explain everything carefully so your friend will fully understand. You may also opt to reschedule.

947 days ago
replied the topic Tips when stranded on an island. created by alvindgreat

1. find a fresh water source. Make sure you boil your water before drinking to make sure its safe. Catching rain water could also help. Whatever you do, never drink salt water. It's dehydrating and could kill you.
2. Build a shelter. It's important to have some protection from the elements and a place to sleep.
3. Find food. It may be through hunting/fishing/gathering fruits or setting up traps. You can dry your food under the sun to preserve them if you're not gonna eat it right away.
4. Make people know you're there. Attracting people's attention can help you get rescued. You can build a huge fire, make markings on the sand, etc. Be on the look out for boats that may pass by the island.
5. If no help comes, you may push your luck and leave the island. Given that you're strong enough and has a lot of supplies like food and water. You can make a bamboo raft. But this is every risky. You may get stuck at sea for a very long time and die of dehydration or your raft could get destroyed by strong waves and drown you. However, if you see an island nearby then it's good. You can check for any signs of human habitation. Just make sure that you leave early in the morning and the waters are calm.

947 days ago
replied the topic Which present-day country boasts the birthplace of Jesus? created by bhatti

He was born in Nazareth which is located in Israel. You can visit Israel. There are a lot of religious sites there. Not just catholic but also Islam. Israel is an important landmark for both catholics and muslims.

947 days ago
replied the topic What are the Best Travel Destinations? created by moniter

Malaysia is good if you like going to the beach.

947 days ago
replied the topic One year old dog snaps if I try to open her mouth. created by noor1391

Make her get used to touching her mouth by giving her treats whenever you do it. First, touch her mouth even though she doesn't have anything in it and give her a treat if she doesn't snap. You should also do the same when she has something in her mouth like food, toys, candy wrapper, etc. This will teach her that you holding her mouth and taking away whatever she has there is a good thing. Remember, that it will not work right away. You have to be very patient and consistent with your training. This may take weeks or even months.

947 days ago
replied the topic right away... What should I do? created by abcman

Talk to your partner. I'm sure he/she will understand. When you marry, you marry that person because you want to be with that person for the rest of your life and not because of the child/children that he/she will give you. Having children should be planned and ideally, children should come along when both parents are ready physically, psychologically and financially. You can get married and stay married even without children. It depends on you and your partner. In your case, you can just plan when you want to have kids. I'm sure your partner will understand.

947 days ago
replied the topic Any nice books recommended for reading ? created by jackyjacky

Harry potter series
Lord of the rings
The hobbit
The white queen (Philippa Gregory)

948 days ago
replied the topic Would you like to read ebooks by phone or traditional paper books? created by joexy

Ebooks are great. They're very convenient to use compared to using paper books. It is also eco-friendly. The only downside to e-books is that they're not good for the eyes if you're not using amazon's kindle and just your smartphone, tablet or pc.

948 days ago
replied the topic how to impress a girl? created by defender

The universal way I think is giving her some flowers and being kind to her. Be a gentleman, and always be yourself no matter what.

948 days ago
replied the topic How do you earn well? created by BOUDHAR

Those two guys before me are right. It comes from both perseverance and luck. Sometimes the circumstances are in your favor, which makes you lucky. Perseverance will help us reach our goals better if we're not that lucky to be born with a silver spoon. Anyways, work hard and work smart. Don't rely on luck but I'm sure it'll come your way every once in a while.

948 days ago
replied the topic What is love? best love?!! created by fantasticomid

A love is a special emotion you feel for someone. It has all sorts, romantic love, familial love, love for friends, etc. I can't describe it as a mater of fact but you'll know it's love when you're there.

948 days ago
replied the topic Use which app messenger & social Network??? created by only_god

1. Facebook messenger
2. Viber
3. Skype

949 days ago
replied the topic What food is most suitable for man? created by alekscruglow

A balanced diet. Consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. You may check this out

If you really want to make sure, you may consult a nutritionist.

950 days ago
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