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What iphone/ipad games can you play for exaple against your brother√ answeredREWARD $210
1647 days ago, last commented by azzromyo

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replied the topic How long can you run without stopping? created by ross

I ran last week 17km but then I got some cramps.
but if I would run now i gues it is going to be around 19-20km

1647 days ago
replied the topic XBox 1 or Playstation 4? created by BQB

in my opinion you just got to see what most of your friends have so you always can play together if you want.
ps I like the ps4 more :p

1647 days ago
replied the topic The best way to treat depression? created by only_god

what also helps for me is a lot of vitamine C intake it relly makes me feel better there are a lot of fruits where you can get them from or just go to the store and buy some vitamines they are also cheap so your choice but i reallly love is it just gives me a boost en feel a lot less depressed!!! try it you'll see it for yourself

1647 days ago
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