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replied the topic Clean memory pop up created by craigwp

first of all cleaning your memory is a good thing, but a good program to have is ccleaner

1470 days ago
replied the topic Some ways to make child eat more? created by AF

Make it a game, Children like it when life is fun they don't catch on early in life that food is essential, and it will help them in the long run, Make it a score, i.e... each vegetable is worth points, or a power struggle between the burger and fries, just be careful that you don't over do it that they play more vs eat.

1491 days ago
replied the topic How did you meet your best friend? created by bootup

in prison

this is him with his beautiful girlfriend

1491 days ago
replied the topic What animal are you afraid of the most? created by oxygen

dying alone@oxygen

1491 days ago
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