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How The Users Could Block Someone Through Their Gmail Account

Gmail is the one and only email account that has lots of features to use.There are lots of things can be done by using Gmail but user must be aware about that.It has not only made the communication easy but also provided lots of space to store enough data.The customization feature will let users make different changes.It has been designed with high security settings so, that nobody will look into other account and take benefits.For the difficult situations,it is required to connect with customer service team,they would help individual in all such conditions.

Issues that has been resolved by customer service team of Gmail?

How may I use my Gmail account securely?

How the errors could be avoided in Gmail?

How may I do some changes in Gmail account?

How to sync my mail account to my mobile device?

Is there any way to get offline access to Gmail?

What are the outgoing and incoming server details of Gmail?

What to do if anyone wants to retrieve their old mails?

How the username and password could be changed for Gmail account?

What to do when the contacts will be deleted?

How to delete the older unwanted emails?

There are number of hassles that has been fixed by customer support team.Here,individual can see the solution of one:-

How may I block someone on Gmail?

It is first required to “Sign in” with Gmail account

There is now need to select the emails from the unusual senders

User should now need to tap the down arrow which is located at the right of the sender's name

Tap the option of “Block” to proceed further

It is now need to know that “Block” option has been pressed or not

Users should now see that whether problem get solved or not

There are times when user will not be satisfied by the solution of the above issue and even for others,it is required to do instant connection with the customer service team by using Gmail support number.The customer support team will thoroughly understand the complete issue and give the best solutions.Generally, the technique that would be used to resolve the complete problem will be remote access technique and it will solve the issue instantly.Live chat and email are other options for getting help.It would help a lot and decreases the chances of getting threats.

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