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replied the topic Automatic repair created by lesterb123

Tap on F8 as soon as you reboot, see what that does 4 u.

939 days ago
replied the topic Why don't people like Windows phone? created by fancylili

I think that the reason people don't use windows phones is because around the time the androids were newly discovered... Windows didnt network a sales pitch like android and the others did. No advertisement=no sales, I personally like windows.. easy to use to me, but i learned it long ago.In fact, in my opinion, its a more stable OS. windows was the first to come. And you can install third party apps on windows phones, you just have to google how to.. I learnt, so can everyone else :)

1623 days ago
replied the topic I want to learn English, I need some English books that easy to read. created by bike

This procedure is the 100% free way to approach and learn ANY language

Type into google browser "google translate", then, anything you type in will be translated to english from your language.. after familiiarizing yourself a bit with the language preferred, get free books on google playbooks and learn the words you don't know by typing them in to google translate.... Also type in free childrens stories to get the easiest books to read on the web.. alot are completely free of charge . just remember to use the word FREE. the web will search for the free versions of books and resources for you. :) have a great day.

1623 days ago
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