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replied the topic What is the worst software you have used? created by karan

wise care 365.... remove important registries of AUTODESK Entertainment Suite that make me to re-install windows

455 days ago
replied the topic Philosophy and Faith created by capybara

All religious saints says," Yes, He can do But also conditions, no one can force him to do this. " So, if your faiths says , GOD exist then It is true Philosophy but If you don't believe in GOD then He can't do.
My own opinion on GOD, If there is a maker/creator of Artificial Things, then Someone exist who create Nature and Universe. And creator can anything with things. For Example In Animation Cartoon, Characters plays according to source code written behind coder, And coder provide him condition of ground, water , fire and more. If coder wants to make his characters undead, then He has no effect of fire, water ,or ground , gravity on it...
And another example, Sometimes, man saved in tragic accidents.

455 days ago
replied the topic How to make my youtubechannel sky roket created by adolfhuhu

post something negative or anti-social. common example Indian Bollywood movies likeas PK .NO NEED TO PROMOTE.

455 days ago
replied the topic Speed problem of my laptop created by nadeem

exchange it with Macbook Pro. this is best and suitable answer for your question because without description of Laptop Configuration, no body can help you, Likely many users suggest you wise care products and Malwarebytes products, But these software may increase your problems , if the problem is in Hardware. , I haven't any of these products but still has best speed accords to my system configuration. Last few months ago, I'm also fond of these products, but after installing Zamana Software's Anti-Loggers , it's shows me many of Software as fake application description then I check all on Symantec site many of these shown as Ransomeware and scareware.
Hardware Drivers are most common problem for Laptop speed but if install driver from official sites and thereafter try Any of Driver Installation software it's shows you many of your software are old, and asking you register apps/software to install driver update. I don't know,if official website shows Driver version 2.00.2 or others these software shows another version of drivers, and these software inject driver files to original software, I'm not sure but may be these software planted to inject any type malware or spyware in you system.
Incase of Windows 10, I suggest you not need of any of software of wise care or Malwarebytes, Windows 10 is fully secured by Windows Defender And Windows Defender Offline scanner, (Offline scanner can scan boot level of system, only few of software provide this functionality).And For Cleaning Solution , Windows provide you Disk cleanup Utility, Drive error check, Drive Optimize and Defragment . ( For this open properties of C: (other drive)

455 days ago
replied the topic Black net adress??? created by Pasechnik

What black net Address ? In simple words HIDDEN network is known Dark/Black/Night networks. That may be legal or illegal or both. Many organizations, companies or individual people, uses these type networks to secure them from hackers that is legal. but Many Hackers or many Companies (mostly belongs drugs) use this type of networks to stay hidden from gov. and legal agencies that is illegal. THEPIRATBAY'S case is belongs to such kind and all we well known from them. TOR/ ThePirateBrowser is is very well known example of such software where TOR is legal but THEPIRATEBROWSER is illegal. GOOGLE type searches engines stopping to provide results from illegal addresses but another search engines came to light in last decades like as AHMIA search engine for TOR and Onion links/addresses .

455 days ago
replied the topic Torch Browser not working created by MillieMNT

reset it to default means remove all add-ons and extensions, and delete history data including caches.

456 days ago
replied the topic If the cashier accidentally gives you more change, what would you do? created by daybyday

In India, most of people return back...

456 days ago
replied the topic How to naturally improve your concentration power? created by Aravi

No need to confuse, In simple words YOGA is a software ( collection of commands ) which has one command about meditation. bye buddy......

457 days ago
replied the topic What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once? created by edge

always love and respect their parents. If all world is against your parents, family or friends then at least you are the one who stand for them.

458 days ago
replied the topic How to naturally improve your concentration power? created by Aravi

sorry, comment is removed

458 days ago
replied the topic Still Have Windows Update Issue created by Wise_EPL

Few steps you can apply in this situation:
1).Clean install Windows or Reset your PC if you recently installed Windows, means nothing important to loose on C:

2). Uninstall recently installed Updates ( may be bugs in these update ).

3). May be your Internet Connection is not properly configured to download Windows Update . ( This happened when install software those claim to remove privacy problems Windows ( mostly Windows 10 ). If you installed any software like this , then choose restore setting to original in that software or restore Windows from restore point .

4). To provide more data connection to Windows Update Client.
right click on start logo ( Windows 10 pro only)
click on RUN
fill command " gpedit.msc"
click on administrative template
then click on network
then click on QoS Packet Scheduler
then click on limit reservable bandwidth
enabled it
fill bandwidth limit % "100" for Increase speed of Windows Updates and "0" When you want to use maximum data for another Download purpose.

Last thing you can apply manually install these updates ,knowns standalone updates. for more details search for "Standalone Windows 10 updates" or visit here :

458 days ago
replied the topic How to naturally improve your concentration power? created by Aravi

sorry, comment is removed

458 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about EUASK app ? created by jeetkml

Sorry, you know Some Question have many Answers but some not

458 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about EUASK app ? created by jeetkml

Are you know How to delete this account?

458 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about EUASK app ? created by jeetkml

I'm not agree but still marking as good question because I 'm deleting my account............bye and congrats............

458 days ago
replied the topic Crashing browser every version of firefox created by pengie62

OPERA and CHROME both are good choice ,but Mozilla different from both. Sometimes it crashed due to old version, and some times because of history, caches, plugin, scripts. According to your question, this is due to plugin container, So, if want to surfing through Firefox or other browser always choose and install trusty plugin to your browser. That keep your surfing smooth and secure.

458 days ago
replied the topic What do you like to do when you're bored? created by yanka457

open euask and answering here...

459 days ago
replied the topic How to naturally improve your concentration power? created by Aravi


459 days ago
replied the topic Why microsoft why created by mumbleshat

I'm not sure what want to tell ? btw if your optical drive not showing in File explorer then may be your optical drive is too old or not compatible to Windows 10 . So, need upgrade Optical Drive. or Go back to old Windows again. but if your optical drive is not playing dvd /cd in Media Player. then you can try one of these player to play DVD/CD on Windows 10
Blu-Ray player :

I recommended MPC-HC

459 days ago
replied the topic Windows live mail won't open created by J2016

Update system Date/Time ( if not updated ). then check new update for app on store , if update available then update it or uninstall app and reinstall it again. This error happens only if Date/Time or App is out of update. or we recently changed our password.

459 days ago
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