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replied the topic Ping Pong, Returning and Smashing created by 5thPersonToTalk

I always liked to return a back-hand smash with another back-hand left twist counter!

1631 days ago
replied the topic How to naturally improve your concentration power? created by Aravi

what you allow your mind to be exposed to, determines how you concentrate. one must become "quiet" in your mind to "focus' on your concentration. one way to "quiet" your mind is to find peace with who you are at this very moment, not looking outward but looking inward for peaceful relaxing well being thoughts about yourself sometimes just repeating "all is well, all is well' until you feel all really is well. getting the proper sleep and eating habits affect all of us as well. The creator of this Universe knows what you
need and supplies those needs when asked, Improve your concentration by eliminating all conflicting distractions, try relaxing and counting backwards from 100 and when you get to "5", say to yourself " I will always maintain a single concentration in my mind "AND REPEAT THAT UNTIL YOU COUNT DOWN TO "1"

1677 days ago
replied the topic How can we stop being jealous? created by zone

being jealous is a "self" induced action, it's purpose is to alienate you from something or someone. where there is "unconditional"
Love, there brings no thought contrary to it, so love without conditional requirements from inside yourself and you will be free to be "me" !

1696 days ago
replied the topic Should men learn to cook? created by nanna

on April 11th,2014, my wife suffered a diabetic stroke, which took her sight and put her in a wheel chair, although she is improving all the time, i , became the cook she needs to satisfy her dietary requirements, previously my wife taught me cooking and now i enjoy doing the cooking for us. i am 74 yrs old and she is 70. it is never to late to learn new things... hope this helps some one else!

1717 days ago
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