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Social question for human being5
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replied the topic What is the most interesting music game? created by selina

the music sang by our mother when we was child .
To give us a nab our mother sang song that is awesome music in life of a person.

1735 days ago
replied the topic Why should we delete cookies regularly? created by amili

cookies remember your password and other data and they gain some memory of browser so brower will not work fast.on some websites cookies come with viruses and they will affect your pc

1738 days ago
replied the topic What will you do if you feel sleepy at work? created by shawn

if i feel sleepy at work then i will chew centre fresh or a candy that will give us sufficient callory and we will feel good.

1738 days ago
replied the topic Are there any good apps for sending and receiving SMS? created by nanna

whatsapp,hike are best apps

1738 days ago
replied the topic How to pick best answer? created by jozued

IF a person give you a question to solve in 10 minutes then you should think about 9 minute for question,and give answer in last minute.

1738 days ago
replied the topic What is the most valuable gift you received? created by July

Self Respect of Me and My Family in Society

1738 days ago
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