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Shutdown computer√ answered20
939 days ago, last commented by hanabi
Hello everyone..√ answeredREWARD $2
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replied the topic Wise care 360 pro created by soimap

no... you must buy this. ^^

939 days ago
replied the topic We or Money - who is the main? created by alikol

We... because all relationship you had, They can help you earn more and more money...
Good Luck..

939 days ago
replied the topic How to turn off my laptop screen? created by Cheetos

step 1: right click at battery icon and select power option
step 2: at" Balance Recomend => select "change plan setting"
step 3: at row "turn of display" => you can change value 1,2,5,10.. minutes if you want to sleep screen after few minutes.
step 4: select "Save Change" and Enjoy!!
Good Luck...
Vote Me!! thanks. best answer.. hihi

939 days ago
replied the topic Which browser is best? created by ellie

CoC CoC Browse
you can download at link
This browser contain download manager, help you download every thing with highest speep

939 days ago
replied the topic Where are you from? created by jackslow

i'm from VietNam..
Hello, You are wonderful, handsome man. ^^

939 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite PC game? created by Yoni03

Dark Soul, Dark Sider, Diablo3...
you cand find top 10 game PC high configuration..

939 days ago
replied the topic Choosing an antivirus software created by vick

you must use Windows Defender if you have license key for your windows version that you have installed for your Computer. However, you can find a Antivirus Program such as: Bitdefender, Kapersky...

939 days ago
replied the topic Hello everyone.. created by jangsjngbum

i'm so OK. tks

939 days ago
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