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replied the topic Weak Wi-Fi connection after IT service created by justine89

There is a problem with you Wi-Fi card range.

To replace charging socket, it's necessary to disassemble whole laptop to take out motherboard and disconnect most of the cables. Two of them are antenna located inside laptop's monitor. Perhaps guys from IT service forgot to connect these cables when they were assembling your laptop after repair.

Turn your laptop upside down and unscrew the screw from small cover. Then see if those two connectors are connected to your Wi-Fi card.

I attached screenshot for reference.

1666 days ago
replied the topic What is Your Dota 2 Favourite Hero? created by Ashrizel

My favorite one is Anti-Mage. It's really powerful and fun to play.

1667 days ago
replied the topic What do you think win10 created by xkk

Windows 10 is tricky Operation System. I will not recommend it until it is mature.

1667 days ago
replied the topic Any one know a best short game that can be finished within 3 hours, specially for Sunday? created by Aravi

Hey Aravi,
what about 5x sundays? I recommend you GTA 5. It's like action movie. I will get excited about this game.

1667 days ago
replied the topic Where is the safest place to store important files? created by moonlight

In my opinion you should the best service to store important files is There are mobile app, windows app where you can upload your files to the cloud. So basically you have 2 places where your files are stored, in the cloud and on your hard drive in special folder. In case your HD is damage, you still have access to your files via cloud service.

1671 days ago
replied the topic You agree with the The best answer to this site? created by pustoi11

I always try to come up with the best anwer to help others. I don't write anything, if I don't know the subject. If you create topic with technical question, you should try every solution provided and choose which one worked for you. In other cases, author of the question should pick best answer which he likes.

1671 days ago
replied the topic What is indie music genre? created by daybyday

Feel free to listen this mix of indie music

1671 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite game when you were a kid? created by colin

Many times I played Hide-and-seek. We had many places where we could hide and a lot of people, so every round took whole days.

1671 days ago
replied the topic Travel without pay? created by Peel

You can use auto stop. It's great way to travel around the world with little budget.

1671 days ago
replied the topic Find great player created by benchichya

I think that Rober Lewandowski will win.

1671 days ago
replied the topic Where can i learn the best computer programing or theological courses online? created by Dellaco

Hey, check out there are plenty of tutorials. Pick up some and start learning.

1678 days ago
replied the topic How to root alcatel smartpone created by zerosan

This guide should help you. It is step by step tutorial:

1681 days ago
replied the topic Using browser to download youtube created by wuneyes

Check your bookmark manager. There are all bookmarks you ever saved on your computer. You also can easily retrieve this website by checking your browsing history. Or you can use this one

1681 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite science fiction film? created by claire

Ex Machina - the best of the best. Worth watching.

1683 days ago
replied the topic I'm currently studying to be a graphic designer. Assignments are getting tough. Is the idea of "never sleeping" a good idea? created by mirface

First: ready this article. "never sleep" is the worst idea ever

Second: try this article. The idea preseted here, will save you tons of time.

1683 days ago
replied the topic Drinking a gallon of water per day? created by naprah

According to this article your doctor is right about drinking water.

I drink about 1 litre of water everyday (without thinking about it). It's quite helpful.

1683 days ago
replied the topic Who is/are the best commedian(s) of the last 60 years created by wheeler81

I like Jeff Dunham and his show. It's really hilarious :D

1683 days ago
replied the topic Why Android devices slow down over time? created by larry2

Because they are getting more complex and heavier. All you need to do is find some alternative.

1685 days ago
replied the topic Tips for Interview created by beatrix

1. First impressions count
2. Be prepared
3. Don’t waffle
4. Why should they hire you?
5. Be positive
6. Remember your body language
7. Expect the unexpected
8. Develop rapport
9. Clarify anything you are unsure of
10. Remember your manners

You can find full text at

1685 days ago
replied the topic Best online website for surveys? created by Elderwand8

I have been using

You can make some money by doing surveys for them.

1685 days ago
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