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replied the topic Should men learn to cook? created by nanna

yes,this is making difference beetween the best cook's,i prefer to eat the food that been made from a skinny cook,i don't found nothing interessing in fast food .because it has a lot of fat acids.

758 days ago
replied the topic Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, Which one is your favorite? created by NEW_Day


759 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about the ''Human RFID Implant''? Is it really a good thing to get? created by cutishael


759 days ago
replied the topic Will you buy Samsung phone in the future? created by finefin

yes , what will be the price in 2017?

759 days ago
replied the topic важное вивашей жизни created by Romych

когда вы встречаете Иисуса

759 days ago
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