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Whats the best art school in Georgia.. Please dont say SCAD√ answeredREWARD $2
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replied the topic What is the best thing in life created by zizou

life itself if not the love expressed through the simple existence of "life"

908 days ago
replied the topic What is the best time to eat breakfast? created by timeis

after a light workout. You should do light cardio first thing in the morning at least. Your bodys metabolism is in its best shape after a nights rest with a good dinner.. Start the day with light exercise, at least cardio, then follow up with a light breakfast. possibly fruits and like an egg muffin or an egg or even oatmeal.@taoge

908 days ago
replied the topic Help me ..Why can not I leave bad habits? created by only_god

It takes one of two things to break or form a habit... Either 21 days. or a stronger replacement. An idle mind is the devils playground@Aravi

908 days ago
replied the topic Need tips to reduce sweet smell from body. created by Aravi

"you are what you eat" rings true in more than just saying.. Youre bodys pH levels are affected by your diet. Less fried foods and sugary foods and drinks and also less alcohol and tobacco will reduce the smell of your sweat. It actually also reduces the amount of odor your body gives off altogether.

908 days ago
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