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replied the topic How to cure a hagover? created by DonJuan09

It's such a pain in the ass isn't it? Or should I say in the head? You did enjoy last night at the club with your friends so hard that you forgot how does it feel to get a hangover. Everybody come gather around and listen well cause I'm about to give you some piece of a lifehack: The best solution is to drink one beer. No more nor less. Sit at your favorite spot in your place, ask someone to get a beer for you and eat a your fav snack. In less time than you thought you will feel as fresh as always. Also a gatorade will work but slower. In the other hand, if you want to PREVENT a hangover don't forget to eat enough before you drink alcohol, drink two glasses of water before you go to bed and if you are in a midnight snack mood I would recommend sliced cucumber or watermelon since they are mostly made out of water. I hope this works for you, good luck :)

1014 days ago
replied the topic What attracts you to see a film? created by walker16

The trailers I see before the movie starts at the movie theaters. If the trailer is good sure I'll be there when it comes out.

1014 days ago
replied the topic game which increase brain memory created by waqas1a

If you are looking for something easy to carry everywhere you go I have the perfect game for you: Lumosity. It is an app you can play from every divice. Lumosity is split into sessions of three games tailored to your goals: memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed or flexibility of thinking. The games are played against the clock and change every time. Developers say just one session a day can improve mental skills and users can track progress and compare performance with others. (Free for limited access, upgrade for $15 a month or $80 a year; available for iOS). Hope you enjoy it :)

1014 days ago
replied the topic What is the best university in your country? created by danica

In México the best is UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and then comes Tecnológico de Monterrey which has a lot of campus through out the country.

1014 days ago
replied the topic Any way can improve the Spoken-English skill significant? created by SungYii

Hi there, I'm not an english native speaker either, however I've looking everywhere new ways to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation. I've certainly tried whatching movies with subtitles, listening to music in english and everything! Do you know what did really work? Speaking. Yes, in every country there are english speakers who you can practice with; conversation coffees, english club teams, maybe at the american or british embassy you could find someone that would help you finding those spots. There are some simple steps I would recommend you before going out and start a conversation with someone else which are: 1. learning lots of vocabulary and grammar and 2. thinking of phrases you would use in your daily life and translate it in english so you keep that phrase all day in your mind. Say it out loud a couple of times when you are alone. Whatch some videos and try to repeat what they're saying. Clic the pause button every once in a while and even recreate the scene of that american movie you love all by your own.Reapeat it until you like the way your pronunciation is going. No one will judge you, believe me! Then go ahead and speak with everyone who knows the language. Don't be shy, it could be really helpfull to keep you on practicing and having fun while your tonge gets used to the new movements you do as you are speaking another languaje. I wish you luck at the test! :)

1014 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite foreign food? created by 1633

Tacos. You'll just need a tortilla and get creative. You can prepare tacos out of everything all of the people above are posting. How nice, isn't it?

1015 days ago
replied the topic Secret to Being Happy created by alvindgreat

Stop demanding to yourself it's step #1. We demand ourselves almost every minute in life. "I have to get the last iPhone version" "I must get the job" are a couple of examples. What if we change the words "have" for "would like" or "must" for "preferably" --> "I would like to get the last iPhone version" "I preferably get that job". So if you fail on get it, you'd find a solution instead of sinking deep down a glass of water. Next step is finding a hobbie. Researchers have found that happiness comes right the moment we are preforming something we are really passionate about.

And always remember that finding happiness is the meaning of life.
Good luck finding yours!

1015 days ago
replied the topic How to make teeth white at home? created by jins

Mix one teaspoon of bakingsoda and the juice of half a lemon. Brush your teeth with the mixture twice a week and check out the results within a couple of weeks.
Also use whitenning toothpaste.

Good Luck!

1015 days ago
replied the topic Should I end the relationship with my boyfriend? created by nusratkhanbd

There are no such thing as bad people, just people making wrong desitions. No matter if it was wheter a missunderstanding between you two or maybe just immaturity of his, the words have already been said. Dreaming on an ideal future with "the one" could be beatiful until that person suddenly goes away. It is hard to get over the dream but not impossible. You may require a couple bowls of ice cream but you'll be fine. Remember that those pictures inside your head can be replaced by other that could be even better, you never know! He certainly remains with you because he loves you too, even thought he made clear that his goals in life are written by years of tradition and family honor, not by himself. You must really think about it. Is it worth it to be still with him? Think about your OWN goals just as he did and draw towards them. Here's an advice for future relationships: There are two kinds of relationships; The ones that last forever and have happily ever afters, and the ones that make you grow up and prepares you to meet the real one.

I wish you good luck with your desition.
Nice reading!

1015 days ago
replied the topic What is your dream job? created by minice

My dream job is the one that will allow me to pursue my goals in life. I want children and I want to educate them by myself. I want to travel around the world and visit new countries and cultures. I want to dedicate time to my hubbie when the time is right. I wat to help people live a better life too. I also think that a dream job is the one that you consider as if it was just a hobbie that they'll pay you to do. I hope my psychology studies would lead me to my dream job.

1015 days ago
replied the topic Can I change my personality? created by selina

From the fist time we breath that is the moment we start developing our personality. At the beginning we don't even know the its existance, however as we grow, we notice there is something that makes us different from everyone else. We realize that we own a personality that is influenced by education, previous expiriences and maybe some genetics. Our personality makes us unique in the whole world! In other words, we can pretend sometimes in front of certain people to be something we are not but our personality remains the same. Certainly, I think that personality could be modified somehow by changing habits, educating ourselves, and having new experiences but also, I think that will not be as soon as you think. It's a long process (could be even years) and a lot of patience is requiered.

1015 days ago
replied the topic What is true love ? created by aqeel23304

True love is looking at that person and smiling only because you feel lucky enough that you've met them. It is to know you would do anything to make them happy. You stop looking for your own happiness and start looking for your special one's.

1015 days ago
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