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Which do you think look better out of bushy eyebrows and tamed eyebrows?√ answeredREWARD $55
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replied the topic How to convert a lot of pictures to a pdf file? created by yoursong

If you have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro then you could select all the files you want to convert, right click, and combine them in Acrobat. I'm not sure how much it costs because I got mine a few years ago. It might cost you around $500 if you're not a student. For that you're better off finding a website to combine your files on. They do it for free but I believe there's a watermark. Or you could send your files to a friend who owns a copy so they could create the pdf for you.

828 days ago
replied the topic Atheism problema created by adolfhuhu

I believe in God. Even though my family generally claims to be Christians, they act otherwise so I can't say I was raised to be a Christian. I was always forced to go to church and hear the long-winded preachers talk. Sometimes they'd talk about food and other things that could wait until after church. The other church-goers were terrible people. They'd gossip in church and act wild the other 6 days of the week. When I was old enough to decide if I wanted to go or not, the there was an African preacher who kept looking at me and he even touched the collar of my shirt to see if he could see my boobs which were also covered by an undershirt. I stopped going. These people are not Christians and when someone who isn't a Christian comes along, that's exactly what they're going to think all Christians act like.

Instead I read my Bible and treat people nice. If someone needs help, Christian or not, I'd help them because they're choices has nothing to do with me. Helping someone should come from your heart, not from your ego or pride. Maybe I have never seen God before but the fact that my prayers are answered being as "impossible" as they may seem says something. When I pray I'm praying to someone who could help me in ways no mortal can and it feels amazing!! I'm not going to shame anyone just because they don't understand me and I do get that plenty sad things happen but those things aren't limited to few. Everybody goes through things but it's how you handle it that determines who you are. Whether someone else believes in God or not shouldn't change how you feel, because if it does then maybe you never really felt that way.

828 days ago
replied the topic Financial Influence created by distinctagency

No, it's not true. If you're not loyal what can you possibly hold on to? Many people make the mistake of "earning" a dishonest living and end up having to pay for it later. You have to be loyal and do what's right.

845 days ago
replied the topic What are some rules you've made for yourself? created by BTW

I have like 2 rules, and that's to treat others like they treat me, and don't do anything too stupid. I don't really see them as rules but as a way of life.

845 days ago
replied the topic How to increase collagen in your face? created by boyz

My guess is that you either want to stop the aging process or you want to look younger. I'm not a dermatologist so I looked online to see what I could find. All of the answers seemed a bit tricky and like they only wanted you to throw away your money on "Magic" creams and pills. The one useful thing they said was that the sun breaks down your collagen so you should avoid overexposure to the sun. Black people and any other brown/dark skinned race have natural protection against this and that's called melanin. That's one of the reasons why tons of people say they look so young. I'm pretty sure you're familiar with "black don't crack."

So 2 things I'd suggest to you are:

1.) Don't get burned by the sun
2.) Moisturize with jojoba oil daily or every time after you wash your face

Jojoba oil is really good. I personally wouldn't recommend someone putting something on their face that contains a lot of ingredients. No Mystery fillers.

846 days ago
replied the topic What do you do when you feel sleepy in office? created by seven

I go to the bathroom and close my eyes until someone knocks. Sometimes I'll set a little timer and go to sleep. No boss wants a sleepy worker.

846 days ago
replied the topic What common thing have you never done? created by bling

I never had sex(still a virgin), I've never gotten a tattoo, I haven't got my license yet, I've never had an iPhone, I've never tasted Raisin Canes, Chipotle, or Starbucks and I'm an American, I've never had liquor, and I've never been alone. I always have someone I know or love with me at all times just because we're close like that. I don't want to ever be alone.

846 days ago
replied the topic When Will the Pain STOP? created by Conikay

I'm sorry that happened to you and to him, and I'm also sorry to tell you that you may never get over it. He's your son and 9 months isn't enough time to forget him. You might not be able to truly look at his time here and smile until you either join him or find a way to cope. I'm not telling you to do anything harmful. A good suggestion would be to go to his grave and talk to him. My grandmother died about 10 years ago and my dad seemed to be the one hit hardest by her passing. Every so often he goes over there and talks to her while cleaning up the weeds out of the area. He'd bring new flowers and tell her how thing's been. I'm really hoping you find a way to feel better if this doesn't help. I know it hurts but time heals all wounds.

846 days ago
replied the topic How to whiten teeth? created by akhil_raj001

I brush my teeth with Crest 3D White in Radiant Mint and they look pretty white to me. They recommend twice a day but I'm a bit more lazy with it. It cost me like $5-10 but that's so much more cheaper than getting them whitened...unless it's covered in your dental insurance.

846 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best android game? created by gau_123

Magic Touch by Nitrome never gets old. It's sure not Pokemon GO or Candy Crush!!

846 days ago
replied the topic Should I go to the next comic Con? created by Efef

First of all, think of how comfortable you'd be there, who you're going with, and if you're going alone then think of if you'd be social with others. You don't sound like a die-hard comic book fan but that's ok. It's about having fun. If it sounds like the perfect place for you, then you should go. If you don't feel ok about going, then you could stay home.

846 days ago
replied the topic Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, Which one is your favorite? created by NEW_Day

Honestly, I like all 3 but my absolute favorite is Nintendo. It was the brand of my first system and the name still sticks to me. See if Playstation had Mario then it would be them.

846 days ago
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