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How to flash lg g2REWARD $2
1812 days ago, last commented by houssam_haddour

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replied the topic Where are you From??? created by AAA1992

from morocco.

1557 days ago
replied the topic Need to end relationship to an alcholic created by myplanet

you're not a fool to love her, know love isn't like that, but if you've made up your mind to end that relationship, and if you think YOU WON'T REGRET IT, then you only have to tell her ''i don't love you anymore'' straight in her face..... that will probably end your relationship for good, but just make sure you won't regret it that's the important thing to keep in mind

1566 days ago
replied the topic How to flash lg g2 created by houssam_haddour

i am really sorry guy's but nothing worked for me

1780 days ago
replied the topic How to flash lg g2 created by houssam_haddour

hey guys i woud really like someone to help me flash lg g2 v980 in TOY method! thanks in advance

1809 days ago
replied the topic Where do you download Android apps? created by finefin

it is recommended that you download all your app from the play store but in case you don't find what you need i suggest that you google the name of the app hopefully you find a media fire link because other stores besides play store may include some maleware in the app
hopefully i helped you.

1812 days ago
replied the topic How to make yourself feel worthy? created by claire

to feel worthy is to be Good Enough! to Matter! to sincerely DO YOUR BEST!

then you will be WORTHY! YOU ARE WORTHY

1812 days ago
replied the topic If you want your children to learn a skill, what will you choose? created by bluemoon

here are the BEST skill your children should learn:
-to swim
-to shoot (bows or guns......) this skill is really essensial
-horse riding

1826 days ago
replied the topic Learning Hacking is legal or not? created by thiyagarajan56

learning hacking is completly legal as proof there are a lot of paid and free courses out there.

1826 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most friendly country in the world? created by bootup

i visited morocco contless times over and over because i love how friendly peaple there can be.
it's a awesome country

1826 days ago
replied the topic What do you dislike in school? created by walker16

what i hate is school isn't math or physic or science but the headache of not understanding somthing.

1826 days ago
replied the topic What is your ideal workplace? created by sunrise

my ideal workplace is a place where i can relax and concentrate at the same time like home if possible or a quite place in general.

1826 days ago
replied the topic Getting lost!!!! created by Khan477

if your willing to buy a good phone then the lg g5 will meet all your expectation.

1826 days ago
replied the topic What is your favourite mobile device? created by prophet22

in terme of specs and design the lg g5 is an awesome devise

1826 days ago
replied the topic Best free antivirus for Android created by ali1936

i thinke lookout is a great antivirus ,it give you the ability to even trace your divice in case you lost it or even delet all your data in the worst case.

1826 days ago
replied the topic Which Mobile Browser do you prefer and why? created by BTW

i prefer using google chrome browser ,because Google Chrome may not be the most feature-packed browser you can download, but it’s definitely the fastest and most well-integrated with Android. Plus, it’s so well-integrated with the desktop version of Chrome that if you use it there (and you trust Chrome Sync, of course) it’s worth using just to be able to pick up your phone or tablet and continue from where you left off on your computer. also Chrome Sync eliminates the need to use third-party tools to send yourself links, open tabs, and bookmarks, which is a huge benefit.

1826 days ago
replied the topic How much time do you spend online per day? created by claire

honestly i spend a lot of time online ,and by a lot of time i mean at least 7hours ,but to tell the truth i don`t like the way things are because there are a lot of other importing things to do henceforth i realy REALY like to spend more time with friend ,family ,and other things.
so if you want my opinion it's better to try minimizing the time you spend online each day.

1826 days ago
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