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replied the topic Have you been mock before if you are how did you cope with the situation. created by selcinor

all I do is remember what their opinion means to me, I realise, nothing. If it's someone I was friendly with I realise I was wrong about them being worth my time, and ignore them until they go away.
The problem's theirs, not yours. Don't feel bad.

1585 days ago
replied the topic Getting a hold of the people in here created by woodland1954

Just look at an answer they've left and you can leave a reply for that person.

1585 days ago
replied the topic How many of you actually believe what the Government say's created by my_asylum

All politicians lie. All government people lie. All leaders lie. It's a prerequisite. The American government lies more than all the other countries put together. Our presidents lie more than Putin does.

1585 days ago
replied the topic How to answer what more do you want me to say created by rayhare

Okay, type your whole answer in any program with a spell checker. When done, highlight your answer and copy then paste your perfectly spelled answer into your answer box here. Forget the grammer advice, you just had a spelling mistake on sort / short.

1585 days ago
replied the topic KIDS - THIS SHOULD BE SIMPLE, IT'S hOW DO YOU GET INTO THE BLACK SCREEN created by woodland1954

a) I don't think that's an option anymore. If it is it wouldn't be much good to you.
b) Use a reg fixer, and cleaner. Thy're free on CNET Software download.
c) Unplug the monitor, it'll stay black as long as you want
d) Use a paint program, fill up the convas with black and go full screen
e) Hold down cntrl alt del, to get to task manager,and control programs , processes, services etc. which are running.
f)Hold down cntrl shift del to clean the DNS cache, a lot of junk that builds up while on the web.
g) Seriously, halt your windows startup and click on the dos prompt, that'll give you c:\ and a blinking cursor. Type help and you'll see a lot of programs which will run and you really shouldn't be playing with. To get this list you may have to be on the windows partition, so after the blinking cursor type cd\windows: that'll get you to c:\windowspt, type '\help' there. But really, you shouldn't.

1585 days ago
replied the topic The difference... created by frenchkiss08

The spelling.

1585 days ago
replied the topic (To All Who Use CCleaner) CCleaner Issue w/ Restore Point created by Wise_EPL

Use a good reg cleaner, if that doesn't work, reinstall CC

1585 days ago
replied the topic Who built pyramid human or Alien i created by selcinor

Why do you want me to quote you if you're wrong?

1585 days ago
replied the topic Who built pyramid human or Alien i created by selcinor

Egyptian slaves built them after having to manually cut and drag the stone blocks to the site. That's the only right answer.

1585 days ago
replied the topic My registry cleaner is in arabic created by global16

Wants a registrated citizenship.

1585 days ago
replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11

Me, myself, and I.

1585 days ago
replied the topic What quotations of gold in 2017 you can expect created by kmakoynohupa

I believe it will increase in value as we see a devaluing of the American dollar, and the continuation of trouble with the British pound and Euro economies. If it goes down it will be temporary, so buy low sell high, and exercise patience.

1585 days ago
replied the topic Malwarebytes sees wise registry checker entries as problems created by tsoilihoi

Yes. Delete them.

1585 days ago
replied the topic Is Malwarebytes safe? created by sunrise

I've used it as an extra check with a number of different security suites and it never fails to come up with some malware that was missed, without ever causing a problem. This is also true for a number of Windows versions.

1585 days ago
replied the topic Would Donald Trump be a good President? created by oxygen

Putin is a leader whose people do what they're told.
The U.S. President does what he's told. Congress can handicap any initiative and it's the permanent staff which decide what policies go. America is becoming a police state and is trying it's level best to goad Putin into a war with an American dominated NATO which surround Russia as I write this. China is rapidly updating their military weapons and forces, literally having an army of millions to call on, and is an ally of Russia, as is Iran. America, China's biggest debtor, no doubt with Britain playing follow the leader, has led to the death, injury and displacement of millions in the Middle East for the last sixteen years. 9/11 looks more like a "false flag" event with every year which goes by, and the recent release of 180 pages concerning the investigation into it shows Arabia's direct involvement more than any other country's, bringing us back to oil and the U.S. dollar. The reasons it all started in the first place. Both of which are in more trouble now than they were then.
It doesn't matter who wins the presidency, the next four years are going to see the collapse of whole economies, and bring war and civil strife home to the West. However we must remember Obama's greatest miracle, both America's first Black president, and the speed at which he turned White almost overnight. What do you think, is that the reason they call it the 'Whitehouse'?

1622 days ago
replied the topic Why cant i reach the places that itch the most? created by markallen

It's all in your imagination. You just don't register how many times you scratch the easy places.

1622 days ago
replied the topic Girl just commited suicide, what make people commit suicide? created by selcinor

People commit suicide when misery infects every waking moment of their lives and are convinced that tomorrow will just bring more of the same or worse. They come to the conclusion that they are beyond help, and though they know there are treatments available for depression they don't believe these treatments can benefit them. They may have even reached out for help in the past and found what they tried to be a failure, further convincing them all of the remedies they know of would just turn out the same. Everything they do, even bathing, becomes an effort they just cannot summon the will power to complete. When people try to talk to them about it, they may nod, and seem to understand, but underneath they just want the conversation over with because you are not them, and you may mean well, but how can you possibly know the weight of sadness affecting every facet of your life, and the negative attitude which saturates your outlook on everything they're saying. This is what true depression feels like and I hope to God you never have to experience it yourself.
I've been diagnosed with both chronic and situational depression, and for years I self-medicated with booze and drugs. I quit drinking about fifteen years ago, without any physical dependence or withdrawal problems, and the same with smoking grass. I'll never be cured but after some hellish prescription concoctions I finally found a combination of anti-depression and sedatives which prevent me from diving lower, but also prevent my feeling a whole lot happier either. This is what I'm sticking with because I am intimately acquainted with how much lower I can go. So I do know why someone might find the solution of suicide appealing. I believe in God, and yet I have no answer to the age old question "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
I've learned to live with this situation and if things improve in my life then I'll try decreasing my medication. What I can tell you is suicide isn't the answer, suicide is the failure. My situation isn't ideal by anybody's standards, but I've been down a lot lower than this and I can tell you this - keep trying. If you feel like things couldn't get any worse for you then you're at a level where things, however small the increment, by definition can only improve. Suicide is not the answer it's the end of you as a person and if you consider dead being better, then recognize that there are other options to consider that might be better too. Maybe not easier, but not final either. And face it, if suicide is an option there must be other options too, ones you haven't thought of because you're so down your focus is jaded, and you need to widen that focus, and I'm not going to preach to you, but Jesus is one good place to start. Please don't waste your life, I'm begging you to hang on, it's not like you think you've anything better to do, and anything is better than nothing, and suicide is not an option you can ever change your mind on. So if you think it's an option, get it into your head it's absolutely the wrong one! I send my love and prayer.

1622 days ago
replied the topic What does make yourself to create your own suffer? created by ricardow111

Part 2) A quite different reaction occurs when you deserve to suffer. If you've hurt or done another wrong, then it's the function of your conscience to make you suffer. You must put things right if you can. Apologize to those you have offended, and endeavor not to do the same again. It is up to the offended party as to whether they forgive you or not. Examine why you said or did wrong, and explain yourself. Getting into a habit of doing this will help you avoid offensive behavior in future, no matter what the reaction coming from this one is. It's essential to your own development to do this even when the opportunity to make amends isn't possible. Doing so breaks the bad habit and helps you not to offend others in future, and if you don't offend, you don't need to suffer. Your question is hard to answer because it doesn't provide specific details of what caused your suffering in the first place. As for the 'Is it real that you can avoid suffer?' line below your initial question, if it's supposed to be a translation, it falls short of being useful. I'll give as in depth an answer to that line as was offered in writing it. "No."

1622 days ago
replied the topic A little question about humans and machines created by Meow

To answer this, you'd have to provide the wisest person in the world alongside the most advanced computer (Robot). What it comes down to is all the Robot can do is regurgitate what it's circuits have been programmed with. All of their decisions would be based on what and how the software it's running meshes together and even then it depends what information people programmed into it.
So either way you're being judged by people. The man, or woman, have lived and experienced life, the robot has not. There is no such thing as a robot absorbing every nuance in life from a child to a middle aged and wise man or woman, so the question is redundant. Robots never will be able to judge you in anything resembling an accurate way.

1623 days ago
replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost

Journey Learning

1623 days ago
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