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Offline transfert of Kindle E-book from and to android ?√ answeredREWARD $15
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replied the topic Where are you From??? created by AAA1992

I'm from Belgium, land of the best beers in the World, home of the Belgian Fries, country of the Waffles and kingdom of Chocolate !!!!!

527 days ago
replied the topic Can you name the best multiplayer online game created by minou

Borderlands (all of them...) Minetest (free Minecraft, opensource, and playable with a small computer)

817 days ago
replied the topic What are the best one-handed mobile games? created by 1633

Pixel Dungeon is just great....

817 days ago
replied the topic Which song will calm you down and make you feel peaceful? created by findgood

The Soundtrack of "Virgin Suicide" by Air ....

878 days ago
replied the topic How to install android apps on PC created by dip27

You can use the ARC Welder for Chrome.

It's the simplest way to launch Android apps on Windows, you just need to install Arc Welder, then open the ".apk" in it, and it's ready for launch.

More explanation here :

898 days ago
replied the topic The World’s Most Amazing Views? created by sam18

Breathtaking earthview ...

952 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 - yes or no? created by ukgolde

I've installed Windows 10 on both my work comupter and my personnal one. And I don't regret it... It installs pretty easely, and every program I had on it are still completely working. No need to reinstall anything.

I upgrade my work computer from windows 7 to windows 10, and my personnal from 8.1 to 10.
I must admit I'm nicely suprised by windows 10. It's easy to use, fast and stable... so, if your computer is ready to upgrade, you shouldn't hesitate long...

966 days ago
replied the topic What are the reasons that make your computer keeping shutting down? created by colin

It may be too hot. If your cooler is too dusty (or the entire computer is) your CPU may be overheating, and thus shutting himself off to cool down.

You should try to open your case, to see if the fan is turning OK, and if there's not too much dust in there...

973 days ago
replied the topic Any suggestions of changing a new title for Euask? created by WiseCleaner_admin

Title: Euask-Where sharing Knowledge is common sense

Description: Here, you can ask about anything, there's always someone who knows the answer...

976 days ago
replied the topic Why is there only 2.92GB memory usable? created by Monitor

If you're under a 32 bits OS, it can THEORICALLY use 4Gb of RAM, but some of it is used for Hardware, son 32 Bits OS use generally not more than 3,1 Gb.

You can also check if your graphic card isn't using some RAM, if it has no dedicated memory.

997 days ago
replied the topic I still don't have Windows 10 created by Nelson1962

It may be some update problems. I've had the same... Here's what worked for me :

1015 days ago
replied the topic Numbers created by Sonu

french : quatre
dutch : vier
Latin : IV
Arab : أربعة (or 4)
Russian : четырех

1015 days ago
replied the topic If I get a new PC can I just transfer my physical hard drive into the new desktop like nothing happened and have it still work? created by NickPinkman

You won't be able to boot directly with the new computer. As the hardware changes, the computer won't "recognise itself" in a way.

If you re-install windows, you'll have the good old "windows.old" directory, with a lot of stuff still working with the newly installed OS.

But i'll suggest a copy of your very important stuff before attempting a re-install...

1015 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite version of linux? created by Moderator

It depends on the computer. I like Ubuntu because of its simplicity (my wife loves it...) but I also like Mint I have on a persistant live usb key to use anywhere...
On raspberry, Raspbian is the best...

1021 days ago
replied the topic Any programmer in this community? created by KarterSmith

I'm a programmer, and, if you do sports when you're not programming, that's like any other job behind a desk...

1022 days ago
replied the topic Best first language to learn in programming? created by colanda

this is the first to be known...

1022 days ago
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