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replied the topic How to take care of our eyes? created by July

Exercises. Yes. There are eye exercises that should be done regularly if not every day. Here are some -

Also remember, exercise is not everything. A proper diet constituting of all the required nutrients and vitamins is the key. Vitamin C, D and E specially.

873 days ago
replied the topic Which is more harmful alcohol or marijuana? created by pustoi11

Anything in excess is harmful. Be it MJ or alcohol :)

873 days ago
replied the topic How to remove spots from face naturally? created by icecream

Hey @icecream! While all the above answers are good to try, I think a list of best home remedies recommended by experts is most important.

These are time tested and effective ways to get a clear glowing flawless skin.

One of my favorite from the list is the chocolate mask. Check out the complete list -

873 days ago
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