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replied the topic Why are left-handers called “southpaws”? created by moniter

Hi @moniter major factor that can affect spotting the baseball is sunlight. Baseball is usually played after sunset. So as to avoid the light from the setting sun the stadium is designed in such a way that the batter at home plate faces somewhere between due East and due North. Thus, in the baseball diamond the pitcher faces west.

Consider, a left-handed baseball player facing West. His back faces East, his right side faces North and hence his left hand or pitching arm or paw faces South. This is why they are called southpaws. This term was then used in various other sports like boxing.

1013 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite PC game? created by Yoni03

Hi @yoni03 my favorite game is the Call of Duty 1,2,3, including the ghosts all the way up to the new one, I do not have it yet. These are games you play on your PC and not play station. my other favorite is The Walking Dead game.

1013 days ago
replied the topic When I play League of Legends, my computer can't run other apps.Why? created by nanna

Hi @nanna not only do you need to have more RAM, you might also need to add more memory or have a bigger hard drive installed because you may not have enough disk space, RAM, or memory sufficient to run your program, and may cause your computer to stop working all together. If this is the case you need to install all of the things that I have mentioned, or your computer might be old and the software and hard ware just can not run what you want to do, you can either get another computer with the new systems in it, or you can have your old one rebuilt. If you decide to do either or make sure that it is set up for the type of gaming you want because a you need to have sufficient space and memory to run these types of programs.

1013 days ago
replied the topic What kind of Christmas gift is special and will be a surprise? created by NickPinkman

Hi NickPinkman, may be a trip to Paris, or Rome, or Channel perfume my favorite is No 5, or Christian Dior, or levion chocolate diamonds you can always find a good deal on eBay or amazon, the amape for pedicure to smooth away dry calluses and ruff skin, a day at the spa with the full package, and if you live where there is snow a good old fashion sleigh ride in a horse drawn sleigh through the park, after dinner out and a very elegant diamond neckless to finish the night. or a beautiful mink coat, or a lovely set of pearls, or a car, or kitten, or dog like a Lasa opsa, shiatsu, or pug or a Pandora bracelet.

hope this helps

1019 days ago
replied the topic What is the difference between BIOS and Kernel? created by christine

Hi mytestuser1,

Bios is an acronym for your basic input/output system(Bios, ROM Bios, or PC Bios) This is a type of firmware which is used during your computers start up process (Booting up).

Kerel is your main or essential module of your operating system which is the first thing to be loaded on your computer and remains in the main memory of your computer. I believe it connects applications first, software, to hardware of computer.

Applications -> Kernel ->CPU -> Memorey-> Devices

Hope this helped.

1020 days ago
replied the topic Feedback about Windows 10 & WiseCleaner Products incompatible. created by WiseCleaner_admin

Hi, Admin,

This happened to me when I first down loaded the wise program to, I have no screen shots because this happened after I down loaded a few weeks ago. I put my mouse over the Wise 365 icon on my desk top, right clicked the icon, the drop down menu opened and I clicked on trouble shooting copatiblity, when that was done it says test program in the lower right hand corner, I clicked on that, it did not work. You will get a message did this work or not you click on the not and it will display another question asking what type of windows did this program work with, eindows 7, windows 8, vista service pack, windows xp service pkg. I clicked the windows xp service pkg. This seemed to fix my incompatibility problem and I have not had any problems since everything is running ok for me.
I this helps.

1020 days ago
replied the topic Any tips to install a printer under Win 10? created by jackyjacky

Hi @JackyJacky I have a Brother printer and it is an older model an MFC model like mine which is at least 8 years old, when I got done down loading windows 10 my printer was not able to be used, it gave me an error code, drivers needed to be updated in order for it to work on windows 10. I had the soft ware, and windows 10 did not recognize the soft ware, and it would not install the printer on my computer. I had to go to the Brother web site, put in the name of your printer and it will give you a list of up dated drives, you have to match your printer name, and number (example) mine is a Brother MFC-5890CN, I had to find this number on the list of drivers and down load it then go to the control panel, find add hardware, speakers, and click on it, the add printer and follow the directions from there, or on the bigger models like mine, or sharp, it will have like fax machine etc. on the face of printer, you can also go into the menu which is located on the face of the printer panel select it, and look for update among your tabs on the printer, select it, and it will update the drives to windows 10, then go to control panel hardware, add printer, and follow the directions. I hope this helped because it can be confusing.

1026 days ago
replied the topic How to prepare food for the picky-eater? created by hellen

Hi Hellen,

parenting .com has some good ideas for picky eaters, my daughter was a picky eater and I made her favorite foods but I made them health, like pizza, I just made her a veggie pizza, and I found some children just won't eat the healthy foods because they are that picky, my doctor told me it was just a phase all kids go through, and eventually they will start eating the healthy foods as long as you keep giving them those healthy foods and be a good role model. Here is the site

1030 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite zodiac sign? created by River

Hi River
I like Leo.

1030 days ago
replied the topic What do you think of Jose Mourinho? created by Urban

Hi Urban,

Jose Mourinho, is a great Protugese coach who manages football and was a player himself. he has a lot of fans I believe because in 2007 he joined the inter Milan and won the Serie A Titles Back to back before Adding the champions legue to his list, and the fans believe and look up to him to lead the top teams.

1032 days ago
replied the topic I always have the same dream for 2 weeks created by Hippy

Hi Hippy,
I never had one quite as bad as you did, but there is a number of things that could cause this, like stress, anxiety, something bad happening to you in your child hood, and or bits, and pieces of what has happened to you during that day, like if you have seen a bad accident, and you have other interesting things happen to you through out the day, the brain while you sleep takes these bits of what you saw, and through your dreams puts them together to form a story, and depending on how much stress you have, lack of sleep and a host of other things our subconscious makes them feel very real like they are actually happening to us, when they are not. There are things you can Do to help yourself with this, here is a web site which will explain it step by step of things you can do to help stop them, I read this site, and found it very interesting. I tried to find something that you would be able to understand, because the other information is given by doctors, and is hard to understand the medical jargon, here is the web site:

Best of Luck to You

1032 days ago
replied the topic Can a computer have 2 internal hard drives? created by colin

Hi Colin,
yes it is physically possible to have two hard drives, you can have up to 4 in some computers, like your gaming computers, when you install a second hard drive, make sure your computer is unplugged, and it and you are on a antistatic mat, other wise you need to be grounding your self because you can get a sock off the computer. You want to take off your main access panel, and you need to look at your mother board to find where your hard drive is attached to, the hard drive is a rectangular piece of metal usually 3.5 inches wide and is located to the right of you attached to the metal frame casing, it has its own space and holds the CD-ROM, maybe the A: slot, and your existing hard drive. You need to see on the hard drive how many SATA wire places you have besides your existing ones. after you have purchased your hard drive and the wires to hook it up with, you need to take the face of the computer off, it should just pop of, and the secondary door, has fasteners that you push on to take it off, this exposes the rack that the hard drives sit in, take your new one, and slide it into the slot from the back, and fasten it from each side on the chassis which holds it, next take your wires, one is a small square one if you have a SATA, and one end plugs in to the hard drive if you look you will see it matches the end to the wire, then plug the other end into where your hard drive is located. Then you look at the power supply, this is that box with a fan on it, and it has a lot of thick, medium, and small wires coming out of it, look at your other hard drive which is located either above or below the one you put in, their is a thin flat wire with a long rectangle plug laying loose on you power supply, take it an plug it next to your little square one to its left, you have just installed a hard drive. If you have a different type of plugs they have adapters so you can switch it over, that I have never done so I can't tell you how to do that. After you put everything back together, power it up your board will recognize it as a drive, maybe f: or G: (example,) then take and format it just follow the instructions, then take your software and install it and follow directions, I just built my own computer, I hope this helped, I know it is long winded, but their is a lot going on when you start this. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, take it to a trained computer person.

1033 days ago
replied the topic Why do people eat so much food but still remain slim? created by christine

Some times people eat to much is because they get board, for some the mechanism in the brain that tells us when we are full does not shut off for these people, but in your friend's case, she could have a high metabolism rate, this can be do to an over active thyroid, you most certainly can exercise more to speed up your metabolism, but to keep it there you need to exercise everyday, but you should also eat heathy, example, servings of vegetables, meats, chicken, fish, carbohydrates, drink water, and fruit juices, instead of sodas, snack on healthy foods such as fruits, and vegetables, and take a multivitamin.

1033 days ago
replied the topic Is it possible to transfer money from Euask on MasterCard? created by oxana

harpo01 Hi @oxana

You can not transfer the money on to your master card, First you do have to have a pay pal account, log on to and sign up for an account, then you have to verify your account, they will place a small amount of money into your account and you have to verify to them how much was deposited into your account, you also have to link your bank account as well, the small amount of money that I told you about this is what gets verified when it is placed by pay pal into your bank account. You then transfer the Euask money into pay pal, then you can transfer it on to your prepaid mastercard after it is transferred into your bank account, I do not think you can transfer it on to an actual credit card because they are just a lending company not a bank.

1038 days ago
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