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replied the topic Can i design a logo by using MS Paint? created by BTW

I think CorelDraw is still the best for making a logo..

762 days ago
replied the topic Making money online created by raza49712

maybe you should try this its very simple and it can played on PC or your Android smartphone. simple forex trading with zero deposit and zero risk.. try it and you'll make an easy money online..

766 days ago
replied the topic In what country safer than all to be? created by savram

That's right, Iceland still the safer country in the world.

767 days ago
replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong

black is still the best. That's a neutral and classical colour.

767 days ago
replied the topic A little question about humans and machines created by Meow

I think i will choose human. Maybe machine can be programmed to be fair enough in judge something but they dont have an emotion ang feeling. And machine also can made a mistake if the program got error. That's make human is more humanism than machine.

767 days ago
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