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replied the topic Problem running Wise care 365 pro registard created by ko4ga


try an older version

21 hours 18 minutes ago
replied the topic Scrolling issue on my laptop created by richlandvaughans_4992


open device manager
locate touchpad driver
right click on it and choose unininstall (do not delete)

3 days ago
replied the topic Autoplay stopped working created by bunnynv


How to Enable or Disable AutoPlay for Drives in Vista, Widows 7, and Windows 8

How to Turn AutoPlay On or Off in Windows 8 and 8.1

Fix Windows 7 AutoPlay Dialog Box Missing or Not Appear, Display and Pop Up

6 days ago
replied the topic Where can i find a free text-editor? created by Teresita




Vim - the ubiquitous text editor



9 days ago
replied the topic Having trouble with using external storage on USB port created by ab1936


12 days ago
replied the topic Flickering screen created by mares


try Iris

Vision Pro

13 days ago
replied the topic User name change created by 1ric2flx



17 days ago
replied the topic THE GREEN TOWER AND REGISTRY created by sonmeoo


how this BSOD happpened? which windows OS you have

1) Restart your computer and go into BIOS.
2) Use your arrow keys and Enter key to locate SATA configuration.
3) Change the current option to AHCI. Then save an exit. Reboot your PC into normal mode.

23 days ago
replied the topic Is there any way to run MySQL on phpdesktop-chrome? created by pleaseAnswerMe


23 days ago
replied the topic Blue Screen of Death created by BuddyStud


on cmd windows type rstrui.exe to open windows restore point center.

or try sfc /scannow

23 days ago
replied the topic Lenovo e570 thinkpad laptop created by vistaboy


well that is perhaps microsoft account of the owner, there are some windows password remover sharewares, you can try that...another way to reset windows 10 you can do that by booting to bios or on windows dvd

3 Ways to Reset a Forgotten Windows Administrator Password

30 days ago
replied the topic Change of mail of my wisecare 365 pro created by jolijojo


contact support providing your details full

31 days ago
replied the topic Automatic repair created by lesterb123


go to Bios and change Fast Boot ot disabled

33 days ago
replied the topic Traces of Removed Programs created by DenisLesage


there is Ashampoo uninstaller, when you install an application with ashampoo, it will monitor and take a snapshot, so when you uninstall the software using ahampoo uninstaller it will remove all because if he snapshot.

Do a search of your software with regseeker and delete the left over entries

35 days ago
replied the topic My (.pptx) file was damaged created by pleaseAnswerMe


Stellar File Repair Toolkit
trila mode you can only scan and preview broken files

PowerPoint Repair Toolbox

1)Step 1: Open the Microsoft PowerPoint on your system.
2)Step 2: Go to the File menu and click Open or you can simply click 'Ctrl + O'
3)Step 3: Browse your corrupt PowerPoint in the Open Window. Then ,Click the file to select it followed by a click on the drop-down arrow shown next to Open.
4)Step 4: A list will appear here. Just click Open and Repair.
5)Just after the above steps yours corrupted file will be repaired and opened.

36 days ago
replied the topic How many times per day is it safe to Clean my Registry? created by 99701


10 times is too much, accidents can happen

37 days ago
replied the topic Hard drive use at 100% created by JohnAdam6619


39 days ago
replied the topic How to Block Someone on Gmail created by jimsimonjolly


open the email of the sender then from the drop down menu (right corner) click Block

39 days ago
replied the topic installation kies created by ilyamossss


39 days ago
replied the topic How can you easily monitor CPU temperature on Windows 10. created by Jamez


40 days ago
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