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replied the topic Why visual stdio is very slow in first loading .. created by lindabest


Turning off intelliTrace
Visual Studio, Tools -> Options -> IntelliTrace
uncheck the checkbox for "Enable IntelliTrace".

check your Temporary ASP.NET Files and delete

My Visual Studio IDE runs very slowly. Why?

4 hours 50 minutes ago
replied the topic Lg g3 factory reset. created by bmiflin


The device is locked and you have forgotten your Mobile Security six-digit PIN;jsessionid=1Ab2K3xZD6D8PPNoCqrQfTxjPhPG0zwP4l3ld99kzMAg6AGDZVvD!-934573902!-1600135695?articleId=TS101237&_afrLoop=2476931751352265#!%40%40%3F_afrLoop%3D2476931751352265%26articleId%3DTS101237%26centerWidth%3D100%2525%26leftWidth%3D0%2525%26rightWidth%3D0%2525%26showFooter%3Dfalse%26showHeader%3Dfalse%26_adf.ctrl-state%3D33oo4ilk2_4

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2 days ago
replied the topic Not impressed so far with product created by gstraneva


if your windows system is corrupted Wise care 365 or any other similar product won't repair it because it is not their function...they remove left over registry files, temp files/folders, repair shortcuts, speed boot/ they are not build the same way so you encounter sometme different cleaning approaches...for bug problems you need to contact the support directly...try to run wisecare 365 with administrative rights or try an older version first.

3 days ago
replied the topic Scan time excessive created by gstraneva


download an older version and see if it will solve the problem
if not contact support
with a screenshot of scan

3 days ago
replied the topic Scanning junk files created by gstraneva

The possible reasons might be: 1. Due to your email setting, the letter with license code went to Trash directly. Please check the folder there.
2. You may provided invalid email address (shipping address) when you filled the order page.
3. Your email service provider may reject emails from un-confirmed senders.
Please contact our support and we will help you find the order.

maybe to reinstall the application, or perhaps your antimalware causing it so whitelist the application.

4 days ago
replied the topic Camera not working created by 3972039


Windows can't find or start the camera

How to Fix Windows 10 Can’t start your camera error 0xA00F4246 (0x887A0004)

6 days ago
replied the topic Dragon City/Facebook Game Interuptions created by DLBosley


did you try other pc???

boot on linux live cd and try to play the game.

it can be your internet connection, try tcp optimizer

you can report to facebook if it is their bug.

Install Flash Player in five easy steps

right click on the game window and check Hardware acceleration

8 days ago
replied the topic Sound Problems . created by AAA1992


MAybe you need idt high definition audio driver windows 10

try DriverMax, i think the free version allows you to update 2 drivers

1.Select IDT High Definition Audio CODEC on Device Manager.
2.Select Driver tab.
3.Click Update Driver... button.
4.Select -> Browse my computer for driver software.
5.Select -> Let me pickup a list of device drivers on my computer.
6.Select High Definition Audio Device (Not IDT High Def... this is important.) and click Next. Appears Warning message, but reply Yes.
7.! Windows has successfully update your driver software

8 days ago
replied the topic Sound Problems . created by AAA1992


reset your cmos battery and try again

8 days ago
replied the topic White horizontal lines while playing created by galaxor


maybe Refresh rate 60hz.

try Bios flash/update

Flashing Horizontal Lines after Windows 10 Update

8 days ago
replied the topic Best free download mangers . created by lindabest





CandiSoft Load!

10 days ago
replied the topic Permanently delete the "folders" icon. created by ofteamer


try this

10 days ago
replied the topic Damaged pictures taken under sea water with Nokia Xperia m4 Aqua created by hamzababay96


photo recovery software cant recover photo, if there is no photo to recover mean no image was taken just black photo, reconstruction of damaged parts its also hit and miss, it cant remake/restore something that does not exist.

You do not need a paid version of ZAR to do photo recovery. This set of functions is provided free of charge.

Faded Black and White Photo Restoration Techniques

12 days ago
replied the topic The computer shuts down spontaneously created by brobushek


whch windows version you have?

check your graphic card driver, update or reinstall

Turn off Fast Startup

14 days ago
replied the topic Download Google book As PDF ? created by AAA1992


Desktop Browser there is GooReader but it is shareware

16 days ago
replied the topic Wise Cleaner 9 programme forclening created by Zer0007


The software is recommended by Microsoft TechNet Magazine!

16 days ago
replied the topic Windows 7 WDC.dll is corrupted created by usa2020


Resource Monitor (Perfmon /res) crashes in Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2

16 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 Problem: ntdl.dll error created by thsigit


thank you for choosing my answer the best.

17 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 Problem: ntdl.dll error created by thsigit


check windows update and apply see if they are for Microsoft Visual C++ libraries

The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

17 days ago
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