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replied the topic issue created by davet727


It is not a malware ( is preventing loading files in your browser (it can be adblocker, firewall...)

scan wit hitman pro (free 1 month)


Malwarebytes antimalware

Delete your cookies

flush your DNS
1) Open Command Prompt with administrative rights
2) type: ipconfig/ flushdns and hit enter

wisecare does not remove malwares

5 hours 34 minutes ago
replied the topic Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit created by warmfeet50


Hitman Pro (free one month)

scan with clamwin

1 C:\Program Files (x86)\OSTotoHotspot\DTLUpdater\WiFiUpg.exe ???? 53744 E543DBB43C7415D79C49F4B618AF8BA6
2 C:\Program Files\OSTotoHotspot\DTLUpdater\WiFiUpg.exe ???? 53744 E543DBB43C7415D79C49F4B618AF8BA6
3 C:\Programmes\OSTotoHotspot\DTLUpdater\WiFiUpg.exe ???? 53744 E543DBB43C7415D79C49F4B618AF8BA6
4 F:\OSTotoHotspot\DTLUpdater\WiFiUpg.exe ???? 53744 E543DBB43C7415D79C49F4B618AF8BA6
5 C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\DTLUpdater\WiFiUpg.exe ???? 53744 E543DBB43C7415D79C49F4B618AF8BA6
6 c:\users\username\appdata\local\hwifisvc\Updater\WiFiUpg.exe ???? 54848 C5F6DF1BB989D47C914F214AA95E7E8F

17 hours 35 minutes ago
replied the topic Problem with WINDOWS vista Update created by jolly_akpaa


Description of the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Fix Windows Update errors by using the DISM or System Update Readiness tool

Security Update for Windows Vista (KB3168965)

what is happening exactly?

How to update the Windows Update Agent to the latest version

1 day ago
replied the topic What'S wrong with it? created by luochao


Hard reboot few times and see if it will help

2 days ago
replied the topic Update error Skype 1603 created by ChessKing


Skype Removal Tool: SRT

Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

2 days ago
replied the topic CPU and Phys Memory Usage is higher than normal created by eyesk1


open task manager and see which application is using high ram! let us know

try sfc /scannow

open Control Panel - Security And Maintenance - Troubleshooting-Clicj on Run Maintenance under System and Security

4 days ago
replied the topic Why startup windows 10 is slow ? created by AAA1992


Enabling/disabling fast start-up

check your graphic card driver, update if necessary

run sfc /scannow

run chkdsk if your hard drive is not SSD

4 days ago
replied the topic Computer window 10 created by speedrace


Alcune chiavi del Registro di sistema sono protette dalla manipolazione, quindi non possono essere eliminate....prendere uno screenshot e inviare al supporto

4 days ago
replied the topic USB ports not being recognized created by 19mitch65


Thanks for selecting my answer, great that the problem is fixed :)

6 days ago
replied the topic Running Wise registry cleaner again and again with the same result created by eikelmt


Some registry keys are protected from manipulation, so can't be deleted (or wisecare does not have system right to delete them), also some deleted registry keys will be recreated by Windows when you restart...if they are not your case then some applications (or malwares) are recreating these registry keys, it could be interesting to investigate...take a screenshot and send to support

6 days ago
replied the topic Uninstall Internet Explorer from Lumia 520 created by kannan1976


Programs built into the Windows Mobile ROM cannot be removed....there used to be Spb Kiosk for pocket pc but I dont see similar applications for windows mobile maybe you can use parental control thing and restrict install applications but internet explorer will always be there

7 days ago
replied the topic USB ports not being recognized created by 19mitch65


Maybe Powermanagement
USB Ports not Working in Windows 10 [Solved]

Automatically diagnose and fix Windows USB problems

8 days ago
replied the topic Urgent! Regarding Issue with Hiding My OS Drive created by Leotsing


Best to contatct support directly

8 days ago
replied the topic Cannot clear computers ram created by n_777


Shutdown pc, unplug from wall, unplug and replug RAM


Also from within interface wisecare, click on memory Optimizer

9 days ago
replied the topic I uninstalled a program by mistake on my Windows Parallel machine, can I recover a folder from that uninstalled program? created by Hela


you can try windows restore point, 'Time Machine'

Previous versions are sometimes referred to as shadow copies

11 days ago
replied the topic I cannot connect my Lumia 520 into Windows 7 PC, Why? created by kannan1976


is there any error message? maybe your antimalware blocking your Nokia

Nokia Suite

13 days ago
replied the topic Where are bitcoin exchangers located...I know there is at bestchange created by lontokreza


UniChange exchanger
Country: Romania

15 days ago
replied the topic Need to restore browsing history created by zatchoo


you cant restore history, use some plugins to always make backup of Mozilla History

15 days ago
replied the topic Cleaned registry, now laptop does not shut down created by jngithinji


sfc /scannow

uninstall Intel(R) Management Engine Interface (do not delete) and reboot

reset cmos battery

16 days ago
replied the topic Accidentally deleted browsing history in Mozilla created by zatchoo


How to Recover Deleted Firefox Browsing History?



16 days ago
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