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1060 days ago, last commented by g1000A
What happened to my cat?√ answeredREWARD $1420
1195 days ago, last commented by loojangk
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replied the topic Why do people drink Alcohol? created by loojangk

idk. you just dont go getting curious... go have some healthy food and choose to love your body. Maybe your friends will join you in a journey toward a healthy fit body, and a clear and happy mind.

1195 days ago
replied the topic How to make coca cola? created by paakkie

Well I know this isn't the exact recipe... but when I started dieting I was kind of a coke addict, my friend recommended I try this: squeeze a bit of lemon juice, add some cinnamon to it and then add some sparkling water.... It doesn't taste exactly the same but I can taste some very very very mild similarities... plus it's pretty healthy....

1195 days ago
replied the topic To spank or not spank when potty training a puppy? 6wks old? created by senkoediu

No. 6 weeks is too young to potty train, start at 12 weeks and keep up with it.

1195 days ago
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