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App for formating phoneREWARD $1
1142 days ago, last commented by 99701
White horizontal lines while playing5
1254 days ago, last commented by sloperun3az
Can't answer posts here√ answeredREWARD $1
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Program doesnt recognize SD card√ answeredREWARD $1
1340 days ago

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replied the topic App for formating phone created by galaxor

Windows recognizes there is a device connected but does not give you the option to formal untill you press in the phone the option for transfering files

1135 days ago
replied the topic Is someone accessing my laptop remotely? created by adamjohnson

Try unplugging and removing the battery while you are not using it while you are looking for the solution. If you can not remove the battery try changing your laptop and email account passworld meanwhile

1142 days ago
replied the topic Music and entertainment created by alantwo

Hi @alantwo
you can find information here:


1254 days ago
replied the topic White horizontal lines while playing created by galaxor

1- I think I have them updated, I will check anyway, but I don't believe it could be the problem if when I unplug the laptop it stops making the lines.
2- All of th games I play are in full screen, and so as I remembered in the games I tried all of them made the lines. Anyway I will try this too.
3- I will try this, it must have something to be with the recharging.

It may be the screen too, it has a great chance to be because there may be a problem with the screen while charging and not while using it with battery. Some kind of electric noise that may be causing the lines.

I don't want to take the notebook to a service before trying every idea. He may open the computer and see nothing. Also the charger may be working bad. If the charger is receiving less power than needed or more, so produces the lines. But as the problem with the screen service, I don't want to but a new charger if it is not the problem. Thank you

1254 days ago
replied the topic What to do after the WannaCry attack? created by HannaM

Can't you just format the computer and recover with Recuva or any program for recovering files? Well, I believe the Ransonware is ready for those things

1326 days ago
replied the topic Program doesnt recognize SD card created by galaxor

Thank you all for everything, I finally did it. Just format it and recover with Recuva, which is free.

1334 days ago
replied the topic Program doesnt recognize SD card created by galaxor

Okay, I tried with @nihal29 option first but Recuva didnt recognize the files in SD card. So now I will format and try to recover them as @Aravi said.

1338 days ago
replied the topic Program doesnt recognize SD card created by galaxor

Let me explain myself a little more. My SD card is corrupted and both my phone and pc wants to format it. I just want to recover some important stuff and later format it. Both @ha14 and @AAA1992 programs are paid. I don't know if there is one full for free, it's just one recovery so I don't find useful buying the program.
I downloaded Wise Data Recovery because it says it's full free, but it doesn't recognize the SD card to recover files; do you know another program that can do the same but without paying for a simple recovery?
Thank you all for answering

1340 days ago
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