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replied the topic If I could keep the previous version of Windows, not updating to WIN 10? created by jackyjacky

i am upgrade in august when was in some kind beta state, now have windows 10 pro , but , (that but) my p.c. is not strong enough to handle all i need and what is offer from all that software so now i set old laptop down this one for sound and extra memory, both laptop are from same company, now when have connected all in house whats can sync i have not only p.c. office , multimedia system even virtual doctor and some sci-now like 3 D printer and much more for what need so much time and devices. But ,here is , still can not enter to my main FB timeline account more then 3 months from September ha-ha, and not know why, except i lost my phone number and even writing they still ... AI , good is they can not without us.

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replied the topic Reccomend a cheap mechanical keyboard? created by wum

use symply small glass mirror...." welcome to the" ligh,son......
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