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replied the topic Why is 9gag so popular? created by faire32

They become popular because of a lot of valuable content (pictures, gifs). But their 'promoting' is on social media & they have a lot of traffic from social media (like Facebook).

Valuable content + Social promotion = 9GAG Success

1703 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your free time? created by bike

Shopping, hang out (cinema), watching TV (series, movies) and playing computer games. When it's sunny also ride a bike, walking or running.

1703 days ago
replied the topic The icon of software was lost. how to fix? created by pastaway

Reinstall it, it's best way.

1703 days ago
replied the topic How do you think about Android and iPhone? created by speed

iPhone is better, because is more optimized for apps and operation system works without any crashes - I can't say this for Android. Android is cheaper, but there are many facts we can look for.

1703 days ago
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