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Is it possible to get a screen shot of your "blue screen"?

Here a few tips on troubleshooting:

-- Update the system BIOS if applicable

-- run a system/hardware check, particular the memory, via the BIOS interface

-- Make sure all your drivers are up-to-date (use manufacturer AND Intel online auto-detection method); also check "Device Manager" for missing drivers or non-working devices.

-- use "Device CleanUp Tool" to remove excessive list of non-present devices (Hint: run as Administrator); I had 2 cases where literally 100's of n-p (or left-over) devices clogged up the system to freeze repeatedly. (D/L link:

-- Scan system for errors - open an elevated Command window and run
sfc /scannow - see if that reports any corruption
followed by
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
repeat above processes in case of errors

-- eliminate 3rd-party driver and/or service issues by disabling all non-Microsoft services in "System Configuration -> Service-Tab" (Start->Run->msconfig->Enter) Hint: check box "Hide all Microsoft services" and the click "Disable all". Reverse process after reboot and test.

Get back to the community with some results of your tests/troubleshooting.

377 days ago
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