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replied the topic What is the best VPN to use in China? created by glassy

While I did not read all the replies, I just wanted to mention that in China, you need to be very careful of which VPN you use. Chine does infact have laws pertaining to how the internet is accessed, and recently a guy was arrested for selling VPN's to evade the China's Firewall... And no this is not a hoax story. China is planning on block all but their approved VPN's...

Here is a list of some VPNs that are currently allowed (these could change as China increases their bans)

441 days ago
replied the topic Wise PC 1rst Aid Question created by eutopian

Cheers my friend! Thanks for all the info, I greatly appreciate it!

441 days ago
replied the topic Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? created by sandipguchait

Personally I think that the best browser is a very suggestive answer. There are many many excellent browser available anymore, but how to choose the best one? Well what are you looking for in a Web Browser?

Are you looking for a browser that is extremely minimalistic? ie, very few bells and whistle but is very responsive? Go with something like SlimBrowser, SlimBoat, Comodo, or GreenBrowser

Looking for a Feature Rich Browser? Chrome, Opera, Edge, or Firefox

A browser that would be good for Web Development? Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Explorer

Specialized Browser? Try Sleipnir

I honesly could go on for a long time here, lol, but when your looking for the best web browser, I think that you best bet is to understand what your requirements are, meaning, what is the most important to you when you are browsing the internet, and from there do a couple Google searching for browser lists based on features / speed / etc.. You will be surprised as to how many different web browsers are available. Anyone that replies and tells you that one browser is better then another, just understand that they are telling you what browser they feel is best for them, but that may not be what is best for you...

You can check these few links for get an idea of the different browsers and what their specialties are..

First here is a list of 120 Free Browsers for Windows

Best Browser Based on Catagory

Best Free Specialised Web Browser" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Best Free Lightweight Web Browser

Best Free Mega Web Browser

Lastly - How to select the best browser for you

Best of luck in your endeavor!

441 days ago
replied the topic Wise PC 1rst Aid Question created by eutopian

So if I understood this correctly, if I ask a question, the system will provide a $1 to the person whos answer was selected as the best answer, there is no way for me to "replenish" my account meaning I can't add money to my own account, but I can withdraw the money if I get a number of rewards for providing the best answer? Did I understand that correctly? Sorry, this is very new to me..

441 days ago
replied the topic Wise PC 1rst Aid Question created by eutopian

That is great to know! I will give it a shot, but not before I create a restore point as well as create a full backup and create an ISO and save both on my NAS to be able to burn the ISO to a DVD from my other laptop and restore everything should something go completely wrong.... Mainly because as my luck usually goes, something completely never seen before would likely go catastrophically wrong should I not take such precautions! :)

Lastly, I have a question about the system here with questions / answers / replies... What is this thing about tipping? When I saw your last reply it stated something about that I was given a $1 to be given to the reply that I mark as the best answer? Is this a paid system? Are you able to ask questions free and or is there a way to build up such credits? I have never participated in a forum such as this where money is involved, and if I have to paid for all the questions I have (which could be many!) I might go broke! lol Could you shed some light on this for me? Which btw since youve been so helpful thus far, I will be awarding the $1 to your answer..


441 days ago
replied the topic Win 10 boot problem created by bbooker

I recently ran into a similar issue, but in my case Windows 10 would load the wallpaper and display what should be the Sign In Options page but there would be not actual password box. When I would hit any key on the keyboard it would reboot back to the same page / state.

The solution I came up with was to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Thumb Drive from another Windows 10 Laptop that was running the same version of Windows 10. Then I booted windows off of the USB Thumb Drive. This brought me to the Windows Diagnostic Boot Page which allowed me to boot into repair mode, which simply rebooted Window and brought the Sign In options back up.

Perhaps you could give this a whirl and see if it help. Best of Luck!


441 days ago
replied the topic Wise PC 1rst Aid Question created by eutopian

Hi ChessKing, I appreciate the honesty of your reply. Most would have likely reply simple stating about the integrity of the changes but never mention that the reality of speed improvements being negligible. Thats just the kind of answer I was hoping for! I don't think at this point that it would be really worth running.. I did install and have Wise Memory installed and set to run based on the remaining memory, and while I do see an increase in windows running, what I don't get (that I was actually hoping the First Aid app would do is help me boot time. About a week ago I installed Avast Driver Update and one of the updates actually tossed my boot times into the stratosphere. Sadly I did not do a system restore prior and Avast said it saved one but did not. Now it take a year to boot and interestingly enough, when surfing the web my browsers are constantly sitting waiting for cache. I have compacted the DB's and cleaned all browser caches as well as used ccleaner and another browser optimizer to try and clear some of this up and nothing seems to be working.

I wonder if the First Aid program might actually help here since it states it resets the drivers as well... Do you think it would be worth a shot? Or just bow in defeat for risk of making things worse? My biggest fear is that it might mess up the apps and configs that are in place for my Synology NAS. The rest I am not as worried about....

Best Regards!

441 days ago
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