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replied the topic The laptop does not turn on. created by maybemaybe

Try taking off the battery, then connect your power adapter to the AC outlet, and finally connect it to the laptop, then turn the laptop on. If it stays running, try to enter the BIOS and check CPU temperature, to discard any additional cooling issues (you may have to replace the CPU dissipation pad/cooling paste if temperature goes too high).

880 days ago
replied the topic Outlook Internal Error Code=0000000E created by urvindivas

Here you will find a good walkthrough for manual recovery of your OST file, when error 0000000E occurs:

Good luck!

880 days ago
replied the topic HP ZBOOK 17 NO POWER created by kareemalyemen

If the laptop works when you take off the CMOS battery, it is almost sure the battery is shorted or completely worn off, please change it for a new one before trying anything else. If it works, then check the BIOS configuration and adjust it - that should do the trick.

880 days ago
replied the topic Windows Updates. created by pampink

First, you should run a system scan to detect if there are any OS problems. Open a console as administrator and run:


It will take a while to complete. If this does not resolve the update problem, go for a system reinstall. You will not lose your present installation, but the installer will overwrite the system files, correcting any issues pending.

If a program is not compatible with the reinstall, it will tell you so before proceeding, so you may have to uninstall something manually. Please, make a full backup of your system before reinstalling, so you can roll back to your current state if you are not satisfied with the reinstall. Tried and tested in many Windows 7 64-bit PCs, works all the time. Good Luck!

880 days ago
replied the topic what does it stand for created by zaqa1ab

As a linguistic phrase, OK is something of a phenomenon, traveling from American English into hundreds of other languages. And there are tons of myths about how OK emerged to mean that things are hunky-dory. But which story is correct? The truth is a little bit goofy.

In his book "Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends", David Wilton points to a ton of apocryphal stories about the origin of modern language's favorite thumbs-up: Some claim that it comes from the Greek phrase "olla kalla", meaning satisfactory. Others say that Andrew Jackson adopted the Choctaw word "okeh". Some hold the telegraph responsible, saying it comes from the term "Open Key".

The editor the Boston Morning Post introduced us to O.K., printing: he abbreviated "all correct" as if it were spelled "oll korrect." The abbreviation fad — and the term "OK" — traveled to newspapers in other cities: New York, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. That's the silly part, but politics may have played a role as well.

Another common explanation for "OK" is that it comes from President Martin Van Buren's nickname "Old Kinderhook," and there is probably some truth to this. While Van Buren's nickname isn't the origin of the abbreviation "OK," Read says it helped the term take root. In 1840, a group of Van Buren supporters started the OK Club, likely trading on the popularity of the term "OK." The term shows up all over the Van Buren campaign, in pamphlets, in newspapers, shouted at conventions. And so the implication was that Martin Van Buren wasn't just Old Kinderhook — he was also OK.

1793 days ago
replied the topic game which increase brain memory created by waqas1a

There are some options in the app world (Iphone or Android) that can help you to increase your memory, and also other desirable brain abilities, as focus, speed, numeracy, reasoning, perception, etc. All these apps have free versions; after evaluating quite a few, I have found really helpful the following:


I have played all these apps daily for about one hour total time (not necessarily in a single session; time distribution - Elevate, Lumosity and Peek 10 min each, NeuroNation and Memorado 15 min. each), and have seen noticeable improvements in trained brain functions in two weeks, just using the free versions. The paid versions are rather more powerful but they will cost you a bit ($4 to $15 monthly each, so if you buy them all, you will be spending about $300+ yearly), I recommend to use free versions for a month at least, and then you can go for paid versions as you see fit. Good luck!

1793 days ago
replied the topic President of the united states created by tamara12

It is Barack Obama, you can find a very complete reference at

1793 days ago
replied the topic English for a long time so called little deformed eggs without the yolk ... created by southnew

1) The most widely known meanings of "cock" are: an adult male chicken, or rooster; used with the name of a bird, it refers to the adult male of that bird, as in "cock robin"; and with offensive tone, it means a penis. Also in ancient UK English, it is a form of friendly addressing, used especially by a man talking to another man, as in "Hey, cock! How are you?"

2) Regarding the little deformed eggs without the yolk, known in ancient English as "cock eggs", they are also known as "dwarf eggs" or "wind eggs", see more info:

1793 days ago
replied the topic Dumbell fly neccessity created by Nosidile

Many people prefer dumbbell over barbell bench. Dumbbells isolate the pecs more and use less shoulders than barbell. Another big pro of dumbbells is safety, you don't need a spotter and can go heavy weight and push to failure without beeing afraid of getting stuck in the bench. Flies are pure isolation movement if done with proper form. The alternative - barbell bench press - when properly done, they develop huge pectorals/shoulders without having to do the flies. So flies are not necessary, but may be convenient... just try and see what fits you best. Good luck!

1793 days ago
replied the topic Is diarrhea of the early signs of pregnancy if the answer does not What created by hikalzem

Yes. The digestive system can either slow down (and you can get very constipated) with pregnancy, or it can speed up and you can get diarrhea.

Many experts see it as a manifestation of the hormonal changes taking place in the body with pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. The increased hormones of pregnancy like progesterone, estrogen and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) can have an effect on the digestive system; thus along with nausea, vomiting, morning sickness and food cravings, diarrhea too, may be a symptom of pregnancy.

1846 days ago
replied the topic how can i calculate the capacity of cold room created by azzromyo

In order to estimate the capacity of the compressor in BTU (British Thermal Units) for your room freezer, you will need to know the values of the following parameters/variables:

Room length / width / height, Holding Temp., Ambient Temp., type of product (meat, beer, etc.), product temp. (when you put it in the freezer), insulation type of walls / ceiling / floor , and room window usage (without windows, with glass windows...). The calculations involved are a little complex and rather boring, but fortunately, there are online BTU calculators that may do the job, like this one:

With this type of calc, you can easily determine compressor's BTU capacity "the easy way". Hope this helps.

1846 days ago
replied the topic Which planet is known as The Red Planet? created by expert102

Most people agree that "Red Planet" is a nickname for the planet Mars, due to its surface color. The red-orange appearance of the Martian surface is caused by iron(III) oxide, or rust.

But it is interesting to note that another "red planet"—known as Sedna (or 90377 Sedna)—is making its way into the inner solar system. At this moment, the crimson-hued, dwarf planet (only 1000 Km across) is making its closest approach to the Sun in over 10,000 years.By 2076, Sedna will come closer than it has in 11,400 years, merely 76 AU (Astronomic Units - 1 AU = 149.6 million Km aprox.)

Sedna reference:

1846 days ago
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