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If the link doesn't open...√ answered5
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replied the topic Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? created by sandipguchait

In my opinion, the best browser for PC is Google Chrom or Torch.

462 days ago
replied the topic How to cope with depression? created by hoppy1gf

Hi! Being in a depression, you likely know the reason. Then think of that as many people round you have on much heavy reason to be in a condition of a depression. Try to sympathize with them, try to think up words with which you would like to calm them. Tell them that when there is something bad, it is followed surely by something good also think of this good. Present that all difficulties remained behind. I don't say that it is easy. It is very difficult. But you know that there will be something very good soon. And for this happy day buy for yourself a fine dress, in it is you awake the most beautiful and the most cheerful

1446 days ago
replied the topic Zero created by Ujjwal

Other name of zero is a bagel

1447 days ago
replied the topic Any Data Entry job please? created by khokon1972

Here it is possible to make good money: ,
ACX How to qualify for daily earnings

1448 days ago
replied the topic If your dog could speak English just ONCE, what would you ask it? created by Jolidon

If my dog could speak human language only ONCE, I would ask it in what language it is easier to communicate in English or on the dog?

1448 days ago
replied the topic If the link doesn't open... created by eleniko

Dear darari,thanks for a response. I tried to open a link from different browsers including with google chrome and Vivaldi, opera, but on the monitor there is only a blank page.

1448 days ago
replied the topic How to judge if a man really love a woman? created by kundact

Love, it is a difficult subject. If the man wishes proximity with the woman, he always speaks that loves it. But it is necessary to trust not words, but its acts. I think that the loving man won't leave the woman at a difficult moment, he wants to be her a support, cares of itprotects it and. If all this is, naturally, it will be tender and gentle. Then such man can be trusted.

1458 days ago
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