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How can I get rid of FromDocGToPdf?REWARD $5
1618 days ago, last commented by it9computers

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replied the topic Which is the best OS for my old laptop created by HatsuneMiku

I agree that Windows 7 is the best; but Microsoft wants to rake in more billions by selling new operating systems. Greedy SoBs.

1513 days ago
replied the topic Who do you think will be the next USA president ? created by Aravi

Heaven forbid.

1534 days ago
replied the topic Black net adress??? created by Pasechnik

Not sure exactly what it means.

1536 days ago
replied the topic Politics - Hillary Clinton created by Hambone531

I think it's mainly Republicans who hate her; because she stands for the little guy.

1536 days ago
replied the topic How to take care of dry skin? created by summersummer

Coconut oil soothes dry skin.

1541 days ago
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