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USB Connection with Android and PC HELP
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Adobe amtlib.dll file help.√ answered
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Nextbook Windows 8.1 Password Forgotten Help5
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replied the topic How to turn of the autosave? created by Trainer99

There are many programs that uses auto save feature. Can you please describe what program you are using?

1247 days ago
replied the topic DRIVER_VIOLATION Bluescreen Problem created by earlpeter12

UPDATE: Even booting to Windows setup dvd will still have the same error.

1263 days ago
replied the topic just looking created by czar1

Please refer here:

Hope that helps.

1278 days ago
replied the topic Runtime Error created by Edward53

Can you take a screenshot of the run time error message?

1278 days ago
replied the topic howto get back preinstalled win8 inmy hp laptopafter removing technicalpreview evaluationcopy created by surendranathmohapatra

Have you tried reset PC? If you haven't touched the hard drive partitions, it may help. Read here:

1385 days ago
replied the topic Not Seeing Process of Folder Movement to other place in the pc and not seeing the results as well created by mahansoft

Do a liitle maintenance.
Try scanning and cleaning your PC with Wise Care 365. Uninstall useless programs for you. Use a good browser (opera, chrome, ie, NOT firefox they suck!). Make sure your antivirus is up to date. Defrag your Disk (can be found in the system tuneup of WiseCare)

Hope that helps. :-D

1402 days ago
replied the topic Ram created by Ziar

Please check your computer information by right-clicking Computer (Or This PC for Windows 8) ->> Properties.

-Your system type (32bit or 64bit)
-Your RAM capacity (to make sure that BIOS detected 4GB)

If you are using 32-bit PC with a RAM more than 2, it may result that not all of your RAM will be used. Read this thread for more information:

If you are running 64-bit PC, then run a Memory diagnostics. Read here for more information:

1406 days ago
replied the topic Free Tool That will root Sony xperia U mobile created by vijayyajurvedi

You may try iRoot:
It says that they root "any device".
Personally, I tried it in my S3, and Qube Colonia (it's working fine).

1. Install necessary drivers for your phone (if not available). Try here:
2. In your phone, go to settings > developer options > enable USB debugging (check that thing)
3. Backup (if necessary).
4. Connect your phone to your PC using USB and launch iRoot on your PC.
5. Click "root"
6. It will reboot phone and your good to go!

-root is similar to administrator mode in Windows. Messing up with system file may ruin your phone (internally) that even reset in settings would not help.
-root may void warranty (depends on that store)
-root causes high risks to viruses


Hope that helps.
-Best regards

1409 days ago
replied the topic How do I MANUALLY fix ERRORS created by jonathan

There are different ways for each error. What error would you like to know about its manual solution?

1424 days ago
replied the topic Adobe amtlib.dll file help. created by earlpeter12

@billy_lunch_money Thanks!

1430 days ago
replied the topic Nextbook Windows 8.1 Password Forgotten Help created by earlpeter12

I've been trying those but It seems that I cannot access BIOS/UEFI settings to change the boot order. (thank you both for the tip, maybe i can use that on other PC's)..
I tried pressing both power and volume key up, volume key down, windows key, (tried in different combinations as said that it works on other tab). I tried attaching to dock keyboard so I would press F2/ F12/ F10 / F9/ del / Esc/ etc... None of those worked.

1433 days ago
replied the topic which one do you like iOS or Android? created by Leo

I haven't tried iOS but if you want customizability, cheaper price (depends on the brand), great and tons of free apps, easy-to-hack-and-share paid apps, and most of the times, quicker answers from forums, use android...

But... for those who are "classy", go with iOS.

1434 days ago
replied the topic how do i remove ubuntu hard drive partition grub? created by matt0573

Please refer here:

Hope that helps. :-) . Feel free to reply or send a private message.

1434 days ago
replied the topic Recent Items List/Cookies created by MsDee1968

If you are using the check up of the main Wise Care 365 (since it performs all of the needed cleanup and maintenance), you can exclude recent items list from:
Custom (upper right corner of Wise Care 365) >> Settings >> Computer traces. (uncheck those you want to exclude).
For cookies, I don't think, they are removed when checking up PC.

Hope that helps.

1434 days ago
replied the topic How can i download CS Portable games new version created by DanialFarish

Did you mean Counter Strike 1.6? Here:

1437 days ago
replied the topic Bluetooth Not working for Sony Viao I7 created by vijayyajurvedi

Hello. TO INSTALL: You can go to Sony Support Website:
On the lower right side on the screen, select "type of support" to drivers and software. Type in your model/series.
Find bluetooth driver. Download it and install.
NOTE: If you have already have bluetooth installed on your PC, check the taskbar icons to see if there is bluetooth (lower right corner of the screen) and the arrow up to show hidden icons. If none, then proceed to installation.
If bluetooth is installed but having a problem, uninstall it from control panel > programs > uninstall a program > find bluetooth. Then proceed to installation.

Hope that helps. Any other questions, feel free to message me or reply.

1438 days ago
replied the topic ihave 365 pro on my old laptop can i transfer it to new one? created by jon

I think you can with this little trick.
1. Press windows key and R and type in "regedit.exe" and press enter
2. On the left side, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WiseCleaner
3. Click "file" > export and save the file.
4. On your new PC, install Wise Care 365
5. Open the file that was exported on step 3.

Hope that helps. :-)

1457 days ago
replied the topic why kernel file in location c/:windows/system32 always is runing so i know dos not open any program created by aa100

Have you tried using Wise Care to clean your PC?

Also, try scanning for PC for potential software.

If you installed a software/driver lately that you think it caused the problem, try removing them.

If it still didn't solve the problem, try using system restore to a time it was still working.
REfer here:

Hope that helps,. :-)

1457 days ago
replied the topic Shockwave keeps crashing created by gatorgrad82

This rarely happens but try resetting your browser and shockwave:
IF YOU HAPPEN TO INSTALL A SOFTWARE/DRIVER LATELY that you think have caused the error, try removing them and proceed with said instructions below..
1.Uninstall shockwave.

2. Reset your browser
For firefox:
-Go to %appdata%.
-delete "mozilla" > firefox.
-restart firefox
For IE, refer here:
For chrome:
-Go to %appdata%.
-Delete "google" > chrome > user data
-restart chrome

3. Use WIse Care 365 to clean your PC.
4. Reinstall Shockwave and test it out again.

If it still did not help, try using system restore
Instructions here:

Hope that helps.

1457 days ago
replied the topic you all are impossible to communicate with...yes? created by emw6969

If you're having a problem communicating it, why not upload the screenshots.. Pictures are much better than plain words.

1459 days ago
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