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replied the topic If you want your children to learn a skill, what will you choose? created by bluemoon

I would want them to learn whatever skill they wanted to learn and would make them the most happy. I was no push over as a parent. I made them tow the line and walk the straight and narrow. But we had lots of fun doing all kinds of things as a reward. They were encouraged to be individuals, but that there were rules and guidelines, just as there are laws that govern us, that they needed to follow.

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replied the topic Which one would you like to take for travelling, by air, train, or bus? created by hellen

It would depend upon how fast I needed to get to where I was travelling to. Flying if I needed to get where I was going quickly. I have almost always been on a time limit when vacationing, so I usually flew to my destination. On the ocassions when I had more time, I drove a conversion van and had a great time because I got to see a lot more things. If I had unlimited time and money, I think I would love to take a train. I could enjoy the scenery without having to do the driving. I could take my time. Get off at whatever point and explore for as long as I wanted, then board the train again and go to my next destination and etc. I think that would be the ideal relaxing vacation. But that is just my opinion for myself.

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replied the topic What do you dislike in school? created by walker16

Probably more than any other subject, I hated learning history from books and social studies. History, I have ascertained can be fun to learn, give the right circumstances. In school, to me it seem I was just memorizing events and dates, and it just did not make sense. I did not see the relevance of learning all these things that happened in the past, and what it had to do with living everyday life. On the other hand, I loved the subject of MATH, which I see from most of the comments is the subject most people did not like. When my sons were young, I taught them math and they seemed to understand if fairly easily. We learned the 3 "R's" (reading, {w}riting, and {a}rithmatic while we did other things. When we baked cookies, for instance, I would not let my sons use a 3/4 measuring cup twice when doubling a recipe. We learned that 3/4 + 3/4 equaled 1 1/2. I based the learning of math on the monitary system. That makes learning decimals (.25), percentages (25%), fractions (1/4) easy to understand. Algebra was learned in its simplest form by solving the unknown (a,b,c,.....x,y,z). If we need 3/4 cup of brown sugar for one batch of cookies how much do we need for 2 batches of cookies. That made the math makes sense to them. I had them read the directions to me, asked them to spell the ingredients and etc. I hope that when others read this, this will make math make more sense.

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replied the topic What is the most precious things you have lost? created by kathy

The first thing that popped into my head when I reas the question was, my Mom, immediately followed by my Dad and then my best friend and then a flood of other loved ones that have passed away. I just the simplest answer would be, those that I loved, they were was was most precious to me. Things can be replaced, but lives can NOT.

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replied the topic The best way to treat depression? created by only_god

I have had depression for 34 years now. I have also work in the mental health field for 10.5 years, and also used my knowledge in the mental health field for the 35 years I worked in the nursing field. You are going to run the gammit in the answers you will received. There are some things you might or might not know. Depression is real disease. It is not something you can just "snap out of" and more than you could "snap out of" having high blood pressure or diabetes or having blue eyes. Even when you are well controlled you are going to have good days and bad days, just like you did before you had depression. So as you are being treated and you are on the road to recovering to a non-depressed state, do not let the "bad" days make you think that you are relapsing. I was on medications a few times, took it as directed for as long as the doctor thought was necessary. But with me, the depression always returned. That was when they made the diagnosis of, clinical depression. Meaning that I will most likely be on medication for my real disease for the rest of my life. Does that bother me? No it does not bother me. Why, you ask? Because I have a real disease with real symptoms. Some people feel down and blue all the time with depression. Others, like myself, manifest symptoms in a physical way, like pain from my neck down to my hips. I also get very irritable when my depression flares up. It is very important to know yourself and your symptoms. This is because if you know the symptoms, you can head off haveing a full fledge regression into depression if you know what your symptoms of depression are. In direct response to you message: why do you feel guilty? Why do you hate yourself? I will NOT tell you what you should and should not do, that would make me take on a parental role, which you do not need (or at least I don't think you need). I can educate you and let you know that there is nothing to be guilty, ashamed, any other self inflicted negative emotion about, for having depression. Depression is an imbalance in your brain chemistry, which sometimes can be brought back into line with what would make you feel well again, and your body can maintain itself from there. On the other side of that same coin, there are people like myself, who required medication(s) to keep the balance in check and in the range it needs to be. When I am well regulated, I live a happy productive life (which is the vast majority of the time). Anybody can develop depression. I had a pastor who had depression. His heart was right with our Lord and Savior. As is the way of life, when you truly believe in God, God is always in control, God has a plan for your life, and only HE knows where this path you are travelling will take you, the obstacles you will face and where you will end up at the end of each day. This pastor I mentioned, though it did not make it any easier, his depression helped to show him a deviation in his chosen career. He found out that God wanted him to work in the mental health field. He therefore left the pulpit for a different way of ministering. Last I heard, his depression was well controlled and he was happy with his new way of ministering to people. MEDICATION Medications have gotten better over the years. The newer medications have a much quicker acting time that some of the old medications. At one time, it was not uncommon for it to take as long a 6 weeks for you to get the full benefit of an antidepressant. So as you can see, if one medications did not work for you, and you had to try another one, you might be talking 12 weeks total time before you felt better. Worse yet if the second one did not work you could spend another 6 weeks (total 18 weeks now). This could go on and on. But lucky for you and I (and all the other depresssion patients) there are meds now days, that can have an almost FULL EFFECT in a week. I would encourage you to see your personal doctor and discuss the you feelings and the options that he feels are best for you. I am on a combination of two medications. Some doctors do NOT prescribe combination medication regiments. This is because they do NOT know what will work with what. My doctor suggested I see a psychiatrist, and I was enraged. When he finally told me the reason, it made sense to me, albeit, I was still cocky in my response. He said he did not know enough to combined those type of medication. He said to me, "just like you would not know how to deliver a baby" to which I replied, "but I know enough about it to give it one hell of a try". After I thought about what he had said, I had to relent my feelings and understood he was only trying to do what was best for my mental health, and was not trying to "pass me off as a problem for someone else to deal with." When you are very depressed, it is HARD to "do something you like" and you are sometimes NOT interested in anything, not even the things that used to bring you a lot of pleasure. But at least try to do some of the things you used to like to do. I might help distract you mind enough for you to get some temporary relief. I hope what I have written is helpful. If you would like to talk to me more, you can contact me at

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