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Concentrating more effectivelyREWARD $25
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replied the topic Problem closing programs created by Donalden


download better anti virus program

818 days ago
replied the topic what the best application to improve the performance of Windows 7 created by Brian_wijaya2010

search google for best software ,
you will get your answer
including paid and free one
as you did not mention you want free one or paid

818 days ago
replied the topic What books would you read twice or more times? created by seac

General Knowledge,

Important facts about world, Places , Monuments , Cultures of different countries, Learning different languages, and Paintings

World Geography,History, and life science of human

818 days ago
replied the topic What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once? created by edge


Different countries different name but effect is same ;)
good chance to meet your real self and to have better focus in life

818 days ago
replied the topic How do you manage your Windows desktop? created by timeis

happens with everyone, copying things directly to desktop and then feeling lazy to order and place them in specific forders,
solution is simple
1st> stop being lazy
2nd> just select all ( same types files, all music, all pdf ,all videos and images) and paste in specific folder
take 5 min max
and once cleaned and becomes your habit of minimizing things on desktop,

try to install some different themes, with more wallpapers in it,
as the wallpaper will keeps on changing after some time and will makes you clean your desktop to see diffrent images clearly it will surely hepls you

848 days ago
replied the topic What is your favourites animate cartoon series,?? created by aira_2016


849 days ago
replied the topic How to understand the mind of man ? created by DaoThanh

when talking , look in the eyes ,
if eyes goes here and there , he is not interested,
if he look in your eyes and replies what you ask, that's the confidence he has on you and will strat the things in his heart
Eyes are the mirror of whats going inside in your heart,

853 days ago
replied the topic Best place to live? created by MianhaeX

best place to live is in "Present"

853 days ago
replied the topic Cd/dvd does not work created by jeff1959

try Window repair (all in one)
it will solve all your problems
good luck

853 days ago
replied the topic Who will you think of when you feel sad? created by daybyday

the expression sad is when you feel lonely or disappointed,
everybody in this word face such problem,
but multiplying sad with negative thoughts will increase the problem better to think of your past memory of "good things"
ex, your first kiss,, etc,
imaginations are clouds of thoughts which leads to more and increasing story in your mind,
so lead the story which give you pleasure and believe me you will feel joy in the sad moments instead of finding the solotions (which you will not get because you already stressed) think the opposite which relaxes your mood and mind,
you will automatically get solution of your problem when you are calm,
give it a try

853 days ago
replied the topic Best downloder of the world to download the movies is one click created by awadhesh

Internet download manager is the best software available in market(paid)
it grabs almost every types of video and extension, and the besr part is it can resume at any time,
in settings it shows "download video" , just click it and it will start any video including flv,avi or 3gp etc,
single click to start downloading and playing video and when playing online music ex mp3,
it will grab and download in seconds depending on internet speed,

try once and you will be habitual of IDM ,
its the best of BEst

853 days ago
replied the topic What skill would you most like to master? created by timeis

look of best and posivite side of anything which crosses my path in life.

853 days ago
replied the topic Would you buy a phone if it had no headphone jack? created by timeis

Sorry to say, but the answer is no,
talking practically,
suppose if you are in bus/train had have to travel for 1 hour or more distance,
how to pass my time, by playing games or listening to music simple is that,
headphones are very important accessory for a phone , it would be pleasant to plug your earphones and play music and lost in your own world of music and enjoy your time,
hmm ,,Another example would be , while driving motorcycle, instead of stopping vehicle and attending call in traffic, if one of the ear plug is in your ear then a person can directly receive and say it directly, i'm driving & will call you later, much better option if not attending and been seen as a miscall etc,,

conclusion of my thoughts is,
paying money and getting thing which is not fully functioning is actually a waste of money,
i recommend not to buy such phone.



853 days ago
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