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What is the best to eat? for old peaple age over 70.√ answeredREWARD $45
982 days ago, last commented by izzy750

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replied the topic What is your favourite mobile device? created by prophet22

As for me it's Galaxy S5. Why? Coz not so big display, not so small. I used S5 for more 1.5 years, and for this 1.5 years never hovered, seriously, never!!! Maybe i did something wrong?))) Only one minus - battery 4 from 5, because sometimes device (wifi, gps, music, mobile internet - ON) working only 6h.

980 days ago
replied the topic What are the best one-handed mobile games? created by 1633

I like game "2048". It's very simple game, but as for me, much better that sky force and another. Coz 2048 - game good for brain, for memory.
But it's only my think. . .

981 days ago
replied the topic How to turn off iPhone camera shutter sound? created by byebye

It's many ways to do. i usually just turn off sound at all by button. But, if you need only camera without sound - try to search in appstore "SPYCamera" or "Hidden camera" - a lot of programms! i use hidden camera.

981 days ago
replied the topic What is the best to eat? for old peaple age over 70. created by dmkhlv

Thanx! go to read)

982 days ago
replied the topic Getting lost!!!! created by Khan477

I think, you question is not full. Which model? If you speak about new model's - i prefer Samsung, but it's quite expensiv... But, Samsung - i use galaxy S5 for more 2 years, and S6 - this devises was the most productive in comparison with competitors!!! Thr new one S7 by Samsung - the same. But its only my choise)

982 days ago
replied the topic Which supermarket do you usually go shopping to? created by daydream

it's depend where you live, i mean in which country))) In italy - go to nearest mini market in small town's - it's best chois, coz you can get organic goods for less money. In europe, i prefer - carefour or fozzy. In easten europe - Poland, Ukraine - Billa or Metro.

982 days ago
replied the topic Speeding up pc without using any external software created by SSsss

it's pretty simple to do! firs, you need to put off all visual effects, and wallpaper too. Then go to Task Manager and stop all services, that are not running by the operating system, and don't have value - "system process". This simple thing make your PC faster.

982 days ago
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