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replied the topic How to wipe/erase hard drive from CMD prompt? created by chamine

FORMAT D: /FS:NTFS is correct,

it may clear any viruses it depend it could attach itself onto the boot sector, and formatting it will not clear it.
best thing to do is, you can a get free antivirus from
free antivirus like Bitdefender with six month free subscription,

when the subscription runs out, go back to the site and download a new copy with new serial, for another free six months, it better than 30days trial, and you end up having free antivirus for life :) or register with a different email address and you get several serial keys with six months subscription.

also you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard
this free to download,

this will wipe the partition on your hard and also format it, and will clear the viruses that is attached to the boot sector, if you are unsure how to use it please get back and message and let me know and i will post examples for you

install antivirus first before using the MiniTool Partition Wizard

907 days ago
replied the topic Is investing in bitcoin safe? created by Teresita

i agree with muthu, plus there iare too many scam coins coming out every day, bitcoin is encouraging these new scams coins and it could kill them all. too much of a risk

i rather buy coins that are worth holding like penny crypts for next to nothing, i have so many of these coins just from mining, i will wait for 5 years and might get lucky and be rich

907 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 update screwed my computer created by hphillpotts

sfc /scannow will not solve it, it may replace some files, but i will not fix "personalized settings not responding" this is registry problem after the update

907 days ago
replied the topic How to wipe/erase hard drive from CMD prompt? created by chamine

if your your drive letter starts with a D: or it could E: or F:, you cannot Format your main drive by command promt which is C:

example change "D" to your drive letter you are formatting
or depend what file system you want, most windows uses NTFS or for it to be read by playstion as backup drive or old machines exFAT, FAT32

as you can see my drive letters are C:, F:, M:, make sure you have backup your files first before formatting your disk drive

907 days ago
replied the topic What is the best VPN to use in China? created by glassy works worldwide easy to use, plus i use this a lot when i am in hacking mode it cover my tracks :)

tested with KODI and many illegal movies sites,

works well with all OS

907 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 update screwed my computer created by hphillpotts

Open Task Manager

- File--> Run--> Regedit (Check run as administrator)

- Backup this directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components (Just in case something goes wrong)

- Delete the key that has something along the lines of windows desktop update v4. (Sorry I didn't backup the directory so don't know the exact key that needs to be deleted)

- Go to Task Manager and Restart Windows Explorer

- Desktop should come up now like normal!

This worked for me. I talked with my college and he had the same problem but his admin rights had been taken away from him. Hope this works for y'all!

if that does not work try turning it into airplane mode and restart

907 days ago
replied the topic How Can I Download Videos From Facebook created by LindaAllen

Try this works for me with ease

you can install a add-on extension works Firefox or Chrome that will enable a download button next the video, make the job lot easier than right mouse click then copy paste so on

907 days ago
replied the topic NO Audio Output Device installed created by sweetjenny13

it may not be down to your drivers, there is another problem where windows 8 - 10 could set your sound to HDMI as default device,

if you open control panel and then open sound, in playback tab you can set one of you sound devices to default,

if you are connected by HDMI to your TV then select HDMI for TV , for your audio via PC speakers select audio high definition, choose one that will work.

good luck i would of posted a snapshot, but i have 6 HDMI ports on my PC card, otherwise you could get confused looking at mine....

907 days ago
replied the topic Automatic repair created by lesterb123


you will need a new hard fitted, sound like you have bad drive this is common if you are having trouble re-installing widows, i have 30yrs experience in fixing PC & laptops since dos 3 was out.

did you get it fixed?

907 days ago
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