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replied the topic How many people use internet in a day? created by ankitrawat1234

I guess, that whole world besides olders, but idk right now.) Anyways, our century goes higher and higher nowadays, so everyone should use, at least, gadgets, like phones, e.t.c. And from it, gadgets includes internet. So, probably, 90% for sure.)

280 days ago
replied the topic How to make a computer fast created by lorein0688

Try Wise Care 365. Should be useful to make your PC temperature colder for a while. Also, cleans your trash-files, and boosting up PC optimization! Try this one!)

280 days ago
replied the topic Convert youtube video to mp3 created by IndianoO

Hey! First, if you want to download video(music) from youtube - Write ''ss'' before Should look like: Then - to convert your videofile, i will recommend this one: And you rock it!

280 days ago
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