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replied the topic How to contact Apple Mac support phone number? created by tiffanykart

install skype and dial the no below to call... as its free from skype


774 days ago
replied the topic Is someone accessing my laptop remotely? created by adamjohnson

laptop cannot be turned on by hackers, if wakeup on lan option is enabled on your laptop bios settings then turn it off.. because honestly no one cannot turn on laptop remotely but if the hacker has access to your network he can ping the laptop via lan and if wakeup on lan is turned on in the laptop that can switch on the laptop.. However if this is the case after laptop is turned on then hacker can access everything and also can shutdown laptop.

1st remove lan from your laptop when not in use
2nd turn off wakeup on lan option from bios
3rd use a good antivirus to scan full pc.

774 days ago
replied the topic NO Audio Output Device installed created by sweetjenny13

reinstall audio driver should fix the problem

774 days ago
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