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replied the topic What's the meaning of gangster? created by daybyday

a person that does not follow others very well and most certainly does not follow laws.. nuff said

1493 days ago
replied the topic How often do you buy a new cell phone? created by ross

i'd rather throw the thing away.... I found out that if people can't reach me for a useless call they tend to just visit me or visa versa

1493 days ago
replied the topic Why do most people choose dog as pet? created by walker16

because that way i can get a cat....

1493 days ago
replied the topic Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently? created by tuthuan

Because it is a HYPE.. Just as Garbage Pail Kids once was... PIKAPIKAAAAHAAAAATSCHJUUUUU

1493 days ago
replied the topic Is it good to drink whiskey before going to sleep every night? created by Gaia

yes and no... i know that it's bad. You should not do this...
And Yes... I say fuck it.... rules suck and most news items are lies these days.. Whiskey can blur that frustration... Take charge of your own life..
Do whatever you want as long as you do not hurt others..


1493 days ago
replied the topic Why do you use recreational drugs? created by MpandA

i smoke a few joints... keeps me sane in a crazy world..

1493 days ago
replied the topic Who will you think of when you feel sad? created by daybyday

why this world is full of proud people that think and act as if they already made it to be king of the world.... It gives way to misunderstandings, loss of fiendship, hunger and war... Makes me utterly unhappy on a weekly basis...

1493 days ago
replied the topic Chrome or Firefox? What do you think? created by MianhaeX

Easy...... Firefox is the best browser because with a little knowledge you can customize the browser in EVERY aspect.... You do need a little more care in the selection of plugins installable.
You can ruin your browser with a few wrong plugins found in the store...
Google is a little more active in banning bad plugs.
On the other hand is the program adblock these days thanks to google a half baked tool that blocks only commercials from (i think..) their rivals...
On Firefox blocking is really blocking everything you ask it to do...
Install uOrigin.. It works beautifully...

Do not kill commercials all the time tho... Companies would probably end up bankrupt or making their service/product costs a lot higher..

Dilemma's... Dilemma's.... I know what i'm using...

1493 days ago
replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp


primus - Mephisto and Kevin (from the first Southpark LP Chef Aid)

i love this absurt blues. metal, rock, comedy crossover... Brilliant

1493 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

my freedom in what i do and say (opinions)

1496 days ago
replied the topic Should men learn to cook? created by nanna



Makes life a lot easier..

1496 days ago
replied the topic Who are you? Discribe in 4 to 8 words created by jeetkml

respect, understanding, anonymous, revolution, humor

1496 days ago
replied the topic Wonderful video games created by benchichya

probably the Sid Meier Civilization series... Not a bad game made in 25 years or so... ;)

1496 days ago
replied the topic Where is the safest place to store important files? created by moonlight


very easy... Buy a good quality external HDD and put your files on that HDD.
After backup disconnect the HDD and put it in it's original box and and store somewhere safe..
Only use that HDD when you have really lost something and for backup..
Usually a HDD will not damage when not using it and (no factory faults) will outlive us all....
I personally do not really trust the cloud with all my data...

1496 days ago
replied the topic What do you think win10 created by xkk

i think it works pretty good and stable.. THese days i would not want to downgrade anymore to Windows 7.
The only thing that is really not good is the Windows Store because of the lack of good programs

1504 days ago
replied the topic What is the craziest thing you've ever done? created by hanabi

go to a Brony convention dressed as a carebear and start a small riot... Carebears SHINE!!

1504 days ago
replied the topic I need to sleep ! How I can ? created by MickelMalik

a hot shower, a bit of true chillout ambiant music on the background and a nice joint to float away in your mind..

1504 days ago
replied the topic What is indie music genre? created by daybyday

when i hear the term indie i would think independent music (can be any kind of music and vibe)
But most people would say indie rock i think....
However i do not like this genre.

1504 days ago
replied the topic Why Android devices slow down over time? created by larry2

your mini SD get's filled up with junk and other files.
What also could be happening if cleaning doesn't help is that the mini/SD card needs to be replaced....

1504 days ago
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