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replied the topic Where I can buy PS Vita which cost a little? created by Danyil

Try to go shopping online, probably on E-Bay or Amazon. Then try to look for the cheapest used one (make sure its not broken or anything)

759 days ago
replied the topic Cpu running high created by ckbrown33

If you dont use Microsoft e
Edge I suggest you uninstall it :)

762 days ago
replied the topic WISE CARE 365 PRO created by JREED44

1. Open Windows Tab
2. Open Control Panel
3. Open "Uninstall Program" under Programs tab
4. Scroll down and right click Wise Care 365
5. Click Uninstall
6. Reboot PC
7. Try and see if it works

763 days ago
replied the topic The Americans chose Trump. Why? created by savram

Maybe because they see themselves in Trump? He's not afraid to swear and actually stands up for his country? not like that Hillary chick who just wants to start World War 3

763 days ago
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