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replied the topic What are your hobbies? created by TrevorKith

I like playing guitar and singing.

327 days ago
replied the topic How to recover data from a formatted hard disk drive? created by Chris

You can also try RePicvid Free Photo Recovery to recover photo/video/audio files from formatted hard disk drive. Download it on:

389 days ago
replied the topic Lost file from hard drive created by sridhar

To recover lost png files from hard drive, you could try RePicvid Free Photo Recovery.
Official Website:
Relevant article:

390 days ago
replied the topic Can I recover deleted data from an SSD? created by PaulSharon

It is possible. Once I deleted a important video on my Mac computer and emptied the trash can, this recovery software saved my life. But it still depends on the circumstances.
Check this article:

393 days ago
replied the topic How to get back my deleted photos? created by wency

Where did you delete the photos? RePicvid Free Photo Recovery could help you recover deleted photos from different storage devices. Check more information on

395 days ago
replied the topic How repair a usb stick created by kings

I had the same problem, and RePicvid Free Photo Recovery successfully recover files from formatted USB stick. It is easy and effective.

410 days ago
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