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Virtualization issue Windows 10 Insider build.REWARD $1
489 days ago, last commented by princerahul120

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I can enable Virtualization through UEFI settings but when I do it disables my wireless and integrated mouses. I have no cursor visible and the wireless mouse is dead. With Virtualization turned off all works correctly. The issue is that i should be able to use Virtualization without it affecting my mouse or cursor, and the laptop runs slower with Virtualization disabled as that affects the integration of the two processor cores in my CPU.

479 days ago
replied the topic Virtualization issue Windows 10 Insider build. created by cmickler

Thanks for the response. I already have the latest Windows 10 Insider build and have updated all drivers. I don't have Hyper-V Integration Services available as I have Windows 10 Home edition which isn't compatible with Hyper-V Services. What happened was that I received an update for the CPU and Video Processor from Intel and after that the cursor and mouse stopped working. I can't remove that particular update but when I disable Virtualization the mouse works again. I have contacted Dell, Intel and Microsoft about the issue to no avail. I haven't been able to find any answers anywhere to this particular issue. I'll keep trying though, perhaps there's an answer somewhere.

488 days ago
replied the topic Visual C++ multiple copies created by Robsters2

I tried that once and various programs simply reinstalled the necessary Visual C++ programs back for them to function.

489 days ago
replied the topic Remove MS Edge on windows 10 created by Ragnuts

I agree with @Ragnuts. It's necessary for IE (that is Edge) to be functional for all your programs and apps to work correctly. Microsoft has built Edge functionality into the OS.

489 days ago
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