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replied the topic Do I need AVG Antivirus? created by Monitor

Ya, a true question that once also strike to my mind. Today's the biggest threats to computer performance and data are the computer virus. Isn't it? I am using HP laptop running on Windows 7 for last one year. I love Internet activity, playing online games but was always feared of cyber threats. Telling you an incident about a month ago. I have downloaded a game application from a website, have no idea whether it is legit or not but after installing the application really fed up working onto the computer system.

Without my information, browser default settings gets changed, I was noticing undesirable plugins and extensions installed and too many malicious processes keep running in system background that slow down my PC performance. It utilizes maximum available computer resources and CPU freezes a lot. Some application fails to open and too I was unable to browse Internet easily. I was facing unwanted redirection and ads in multiple form keeps appearing onto my PC screen. Really facing lots of issues both the system and browsing one. I consulted one of my friend and he suggested me to do system scan and doing so found some very harmful threats. I tried possible way to remove this threats but unable to remove it. All thanks to my friend who asked me to visits the given webpage to find relevant solution to delete computer threats :

569 days ago

Really, once PC gets infected with computer virus working onto it is really a tough job. I am saying this upon my personnel experience. Someday before my PC gets infected with PHOTO.SCR named Trojan virus, can't tell too much the situation was more frustrating. However, thanks to solution my friends Alex suggested me going through which I able to remove PHOTO.SCR from my PC. Before coming to solution I would like to describe about the virus, what are its affect onto my PC..

PHOTO.SCR is classified as dangerous computer infection which also known to be variant of the Ursnif Trojan virus. Somehow it gets inside my PC, possibly when I have downloaded an attachments coming along with a spam emails. As soon as it gets activated PHOTO.SCR drop malicious files also copies itself into default location %SYSTEMDRIVE%. I noticed lots of vicious process running into system background as well as lots of .lkn files placed onto the desktop. Along with without my notification important settings of my system was changed especially I observed in browser. Whole of the browser default settings was altered. Browsing was mere a challenge to me, unwanted redirection, slow Internet speed as well as regular coming ads, fake pop-up and warning alerts irritates me.

After searching for the virus and asking some other victims, I found that PHOTO.SCR too capable to affect system security application and helps other computer program to gets inside computer secretly. The most scaring information I come to know that it is able to record Internet activity and thus anyone can lose private and important information to cyber crooks.

Symptoms of PHOTO.SCR Infection:-

CPU freezes regularly.
Computer performs very slow.
Unwanted redirection, and fake popping alerts.
Firewall settings gets disabled.
Block access to security related websites.

If you are noticing any of above symptoms might be your PC too gets infected with PHOTO.SCR Trojan virus. However, you don't need to panic as here I am providing the complete and very easy solution to remove PHOTO.SCR from your PC as I did.

Solution to Remove PHOTO.SCR:-

646 days ago
replied the topic Completely remove a program created by Logicz1hunid

PerforMax Cleaner from the name only claims to be an useful program for the user and pretends to enhance the performance of system. While it is just not any of the legitimate one and bears a fake security application. It is developed by OneBit IT known for removing hidden tracking stuff and use to fix the errors at that instant of time only. Well, instead of being known for its cleaning usage, we suggest you not to have this very application as it holds bundles of the malicious properties embedded inside and relates from the hacker's source due to some of the fake scanning results that it provides to the users.

As it is known to you, PerforMax Cleaner is officially promoted and is available for install on You may found the other related programs holding this particular brand over there. Only paid versions are available not the free one. It is being noticed that this particular program is bundled with numeral ads and popups displayed on your screen. You must avoid clicking on it as its download holds the additional install holding the bogus code embedded inside which can damage your PC completely. And once if you got a click on PerforMax Cleaner, you may get troubled later due to various malicious issues.

Once you clicked on any unknown popups or hyperlinks holding this hazardous application, it will intrude to your system even without your concern and will infiltrate your PC. The message displayed by it regarding the fake alerts about the necessary updates available on your computer signifies that your PC is at high risk. But it is not true. You must avoid it as this keeps you annoying bearing infectious features. You must must not waste your time anymore to eliminate it, if running on your PC.

Once my PC gets infected, but a lot of thanks to PerforMax Cleaner removal solution I found here :-

706 days ago
replied the topic adware on google chrome created by DavidLewis

Adware is annoying computer threats that once gets inside PC do best to hamper your browsing performance. Really, it's a hard time for computer user to work with PC especially doing online activity and I have faced alike situation when my PC gets infected with Turbo Your PC a notorious computer threats. Turbo Your PC is a system tool which claims to offers optimization of your computer and performance. When you visit Turbo Your PC official websites you will find this tool helpful which can analyze your PC's memory in minutes. Here its promises a much promises like it will increase available disk space, help to avoid annoying errors, optimize its speed, offer hassle-free PC usage as well as prevents freezing, slow startups not let you encounter blue screens of death. At glance, this seems promising and why not, everyone wants PC better performance.

But once you download the applications Turbo Your PC, or somehow it comes inside your PC will bring up lots of issues. Soon after getting inside your PC target the installed browsing applications including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and also Microsoft Edge and then after without any approval bring changes into default settings. It replaces the homepage, alters default search engine as well as adds toolbars and plugins into browser extensions. Now whenever, you open browsers ads in different form with continuous redirection frustrate you. Internet speed slows down. Inspite what it has promises, it largely degraded the computer performance. CPU hangs a lot, some installed application not respond properly and sometimes PC unexpectedly shutdown.

Turbo Your PC is nasty computer threats which comes bundled with freeware program downloaded from unofficial websites. Additionally, sharing data using infected drives, clicks to malicious links, opening spam emails attachments, same happened with me. No matter, how does it gets inside but after its invasion you are unable to work online as well as due to bad PC performance offline activity too gets interrupted. I tried hard to remove it manually from PC but unable to do so and finally I get the complete removal solution for Turbo Your PC here:-

734 days ago
replied the topic how to remove virus trojens created by arun24

Trojan is the biggest computer threats and really it's a nightmare situation for a users whose PC come in contact with Trojan. I am saying this as I have too encountered such a perilous Trojan threat namely Multiplug.dll.gen.b. I have no idea how it permeate inside my PC but after invasion the situation its created is unavoidable. However, finally I am able to get rid of it going through effective solution I described below. First I need to express the situation created by Multiplug.dll.gen.b into my PC.

Multiplug.dll.gen.b is very harmful computer threats that secretly gets inside your PC with all motive to ruin down computer performance. It silently infiltrates inside your PC and then hides itself deeply into system files. Once after successfully installed and executed it starts its malicious activities alike bring changes into system registry, creates malicious entries and lots of junk files which occupies most of PC resources as resultant computer hangs at regular basis and sometime it happens unexpectedly computer shutdown.

Multiplug.dll.gen.b is notorious computer threats that too bring unwanted modification into browser default settings. It alters the homepage and search engine and worsen add bad plugins and toolbar to track your activity you do online. Thus your private and sensitive information alike banking details, IP addresses, ISP details can be stolen and further cyber crooks can use it to make money. Its presence inside your PC is threats for both your private information and computer efficiency and hence you are advised to delete Multiplug.dll.gen.b as soon as possible.

Multiplug.dll.gen.b normally comes inside victims computer via clicks to luring links, comes bundled freeware programs and software, via peer to peer file sharing. Additionally, may comes inside your PC through spam email attachments or can lurks inside via visit to suspicious or malicious websites. My PC once too gets infected and you come to know what are its harmful impacts as I have stated earlier. I look up for removal solution desperately and finally, here I found most relevant and complete Multiplug.dll.gen.b removal solution:-

737 days ago
replied the topic Is there any reason that can cause computer crash besides virus? created by claire

There is other reasons responsible like user issues. I am sharing here the big threats that i found most harmful till date. The malware named Compatibilitycheck.exe. Really, terrifying but fortunately I was able to get rid of it through effective solution I have listed below.

Compatibilitycheck.exe is a recently identified very nasty adware program that secretly gets inside your PC and then do lots of modification especially into browser default settings. At glance the program seems to be genuine one as it masks itself as user interface of the software but once invades your PC anyway it will not let you browse Internet in easy manner. The very adware program designed by cyber crooks with the sole intention to earn money online from victims as it is capable to track online activity. As soon as it gets inside your PC it target your installed browser including popular one alike Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and after then bring unwanted modification. It replaces your homepage, changes your search engine and also add bad toolbar and extensions. It totally degraded your Internet performance and hence you are highly advised to delete Compatibilitycheck.exe from PC immediately.

It's a highly advanced computer threats that also spread over Internet widely and therefore a little mistake while browsing let the malware in. Usually Compatibilitycheck.exe comes into your PC bundled with freeware program downloaded from unknown or unofficial sources and installing them without scanning for computer threats. Additionally, responding to spam emails and downloading attachments, clicks to regular popping ads and offers and nevertheless visits to infectious websites especially porn websites are most common intrusion methods.

Once my PC was too gets infected with the Compatibilitycheck.exe adware program and really after that doing online activity is nightmare for me. I tried every possible way to remove it,even re-installs browsing application but situation. However, at last I got the best solution and I thanks a million of thanks to solution I get here:-

747 days ago
replied the topic viruses & malware created by Arther

Today's virus is the biggest threat to computer and really it's a nightmare situation for anybody when PC gets affected. Isn't? Although, as you are talking that:- will rebooting computer to factory settings remove the viruses & malware or not? Coming to point nowadays, Cyber crooks too too become smart and developed computer threats with advanced techniques so sometime it's possible and that's OK but sometime its removal is complex.

Coming to my incident, once my PC gets infected with worst browser hijacker program and after that doing online activity was a nightmare for me. Before coming to removal step I let you some symptoms or situation I have faced after its infection. is an annoying browser hijacker program that silently freaks into victims computer and then without your permission bring unwanted changes into system and browser settings. Hijack your installed browser and then do modification like replaces your homepage, changes search engine and worse install toolbar and bad plugins without approval. Now whenever you open browser tons of ads in different with continuous redirection frustrate you.

Browser Hijacker Issues:-

It silently freaks into victims computer and usually comes bundled with freeware or shareware program. My PC was gets infected with when I have opened a spam emails and downloaded the attachments. However, it may infiltrates via watching videos online, visits to malicious websites, sharing data using infected drives and nevertheless clicks to luring popping ads. After its invasion PC performance was completely degraded, I was unable to browse Internet and worsen CPU freezes regularly and many more issues. is nasty malware and once infected going to completely hampering your browsing performance as well as PC performance. I was annoyed a much but all thanks to complete removal solution I found here:-

760 days ago
replied the topic How to clean viruses on my computer? created by mocksone is a notorious computer threats categorized as browser hijacker that once gets inside victims computer bring up lots of issues. Soon after it infiltrates into computer, it target installed browser and then without victims permission bring changes into your default browser settings. It replaces your homepage, changes search engine and also add bad plugins which result in degraded browsing performance. After its invasion whenever you open browser ads in different form occupies most of your PC screen and too at regular interval search result would be redirected to some unfamiliar websites containing ads. You will get your search engine changed.

Question arises, how does infect PC? Cyber criminals designed this very malware with sole intention to earn money and for that it has been widely spread over Internet. Thus a little mistake while browsing result in intrusion of this malware. usually comes into victims computer via clicks to luring links, visits to infected websites, sharing data in open network. My PC was gets infected when I have installed a game application downloaded from unofficial websites. However, opening spam emails attachments and watching videos online are some other commonly seen intrusion methods.

After its invasion, browsing activity will totally hampered as well as PC performance too baldy affected. Due to loads of junk file CPU freezes regulalry and sometime computer may shutdown unexpectedly. Leaving all sides, it is capable to track online activity and thus your private details are under cyber threats. Hence one must delete as soon as possible.

My PC too once gets infected with and after that doing online activity was challenge for me but all thanks to complete complete removal solution I found here:-

775 days ago
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