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replied the topic Win 10 latest build won't hibernate created by AlanDn

try this vedio shown here


7 days ago
replied the topic Monero mining trouble created by milas8585

If you run:

monerod.exe --limit_up 25 --limit_down 50

To limit the upload rate to 25kB/s & the download rate to 50kB/s (change the numbers as required).


7 days ago
replied the topic Hide my ip adress created by RicardoMilos


if you like hiding you ip adress and stay anonymous try install Hostspot shield its free and fast

fownload here ==»


21 days ago
replied the topic Best resource for AI and data analysis created by programmer

here is some vedio my help you find some answers.


58 days ago
replied the topic Servo Voltage Stabilizer created by selvon121

try " Servo Voltage Stabilizer "

Servo Star offer a wide range of Servo Voltage Stabilizer are widely used in various industries, like cement plants, flour mills, engineering units, pharmaceutical units, cold storage, multiplexes, rolling mills, paper mills, textile mills, rice sellers, industries. These are fabricated using high grade material that ensures durable and strong, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

akarpur khas, Near Modern Happy School, Delhi-110092

Phone – 0129-4026987

Mobile – +91-9250809090


82 days ago
replied the topic Unsafe to Delete created by TaskMaster

this error means that this extention not used or the application that use this extention was uninstalled from your computer.

but in my opinion dont delete this registry keys it be shared keys and other application my use this extention value and could generate many error message . keep this dont delete this registry type file extention at all .


91 days ago
replied the topic What processor good for play online game? created by vina

hi here a list of smart phone for gaming:
1- Razer Phone 2

2- Xiaomi Black Shark

3- Nubia Red Magic

for full list visit link :


93 days ago
replied the topic Searching zip codes created by Wobr_Bobr

in this website you will find 3 option
1- Search by Address
2 -Search by City/State
3- Search for a City by ZIP Code

choose the 1 or 2nd option.

other website to search for zip code :


136 days ago
replied the topic Missing notpad icon created by amarinho07

– Windows

1- Control Panels -> Default Programs
2- Associate a file or Program…
3- Hightlight .TXT in the Name Column
4- Click Change Program
5- Browse to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++ on 64bit systems
6- Browse to: C:\Program Files \Notepad++ on 32bit systems, or on 64bit systems if Notepad++ goes 64bit
7- Double click Notepad++
8- Confirm Always use the selected program… is checked
9- Click OK and test
10- All .txt files will now open with Notepad++ (or program of your choosing)

136 days ago
replied the topic What brand of laptops should I buy ! created by TheFreak


Source :


136 days ago
replied the topic Some laptop keyboard keys do not work created by ChessKing

i think you have hardware problems only 2 solution :

1-- replace keyboard .
2- remap the keyboard . means instad of clicking 1 your keyboard will writ t or e

this vedio will show you how !

donwload the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools :


136 days ago
replied the topic How effective is a Firewall? created by JasonMuller46

hello my friend welcom to our community .

about your question aftercheking the link you past its true some modern firewall's like windows firewall dont have intiviruse/malawear built in , but there is some new generation security software like

all dose come with built in firewall wich monitors network traffic and also scans agnaist viruses .

In my view try ESET INTERNET SECURITY is the best


142 days ago
replied the topic Incorrect site display created by ChessKing

update you browser

144 days ago
replied the topic C drive full memory problem created by oscarc2000

i will show you how to get more space using wise care and some tricks :

1) open wise care --> system cleaner --> look down you will found "select all " click on it and then scan
2) in the same window on system cleaner go to advanced cleaner --> look down click on Advanced Settings --> then do "select all " -->press OK --> do a scan and delete all founded files .
3) disable reserved space for trash to do this go to trash ---> right click on it --> propreties ---> and select 2nd option "dont transfer files to trash" ---> apply and ok

4) disable reserved space for system restore to do this go to --> start --> type this in search filed " SystemPropertiesAdvanced " --> click on the result --> go to system protection tab --> if you look down you will find its activated on your C:\ so slect it and press configure like this image :

--> then slide the MAx usage to 1% and dont forget to hit Turn off system protection (also delete old restor point if you dont need by pressing delet bottom ) ---> apply OK

i hopre by doing the full steps you will get more space


145 days ago
replied the topic Wise Registry Cleaner програмка created by pirate

thank you for your point of view me I have been using for several years .

154 days ago
replied the topic Protect your computer when you are on a public wi-fi created by layls1071


A good VPN, firewall, and anti-malware/virus help. And turn off all automatic updates and synchronize.

Comodo has just released a new version of Comodo Firewall Pro 3 - it’s clearly one of the most popular firewall programs for Windows XP and Vista.

Like rival ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall prevents programs (executables) from connecting to the Internet without your knowledge and also filters
incoming traffic that may not be safe. Whenever the firewall detects some fishy behaviour, you are informed with a pop-up alert.


154 days ago
replied the topic Toshiba laptop sound issue created by layls1071

It looks like the system switches to plugged in Headphones, cause in Soudmixer appear active headphones (not plugged in).
Connecting a headphone and immidiately unplug it bring back the sound for a few soconds to minutes.

The problem appears in internet not before may 2014 but then more and more, so it may be a bad update by microsoft.

If its a hardwareproblem, this Laptopseries with Conexant sound is a Toshiba problem, that all conexant soundchips have a long term failure.

" Generally is the question to you if Toshiba service is able to replace a defect sound chip. "

source :


260 days ago
replied the topic How to recover corrupted Exchange server EDB file data created by debbiejohnson1254


The Eseutil is very helpful in repairing corrupted exchange database files. They come as a built-in utility with Microsoft Exchange Server and perform database recovery from the Exchange Server. The default location of these tools are shown below:

C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin

Eseutil /p command is used to repair badly damaged files. The complete Eseutil repair command line is shown below:

Eseutil /P c:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\DB1.EDB /Sd:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\DB1.STM /Te:\TEMPREPAIR.EDB

Before performing this action:

Make sure you have a minimum of 20% free disc capacity in association to the Exchange database size.
Make sure to put both database files (EDB and STM) in the same directory and if they are stored at the different locations, you need to point to the files on the command line.
Make a backup of the database.
Afterwards, run ISINTEG and run all tests so that any damage to the structure of mailbox can be fixed before you let users go back to work.

Best Regards.

289 days ago
replied the topic How to speed up toorent files download created by baladox


How to Make uTorrent Faster >>

How to Speed up Torrents >>


299 days ago
replied the topic I need sms if a new email arrives created by maybemaybe

Here is how to Activate Gmail SMS Alert with IFTTT

1. Go to Gmail SMS Alerts
2. Click Add (if you don’t have an IFTTT account, you will be prompted to create one), scroll down and click Done.

3. “Activate” Gmail Channel, which means you are authorizing your Gmail account with IFTTT.
4. “Activate” SMS Channel (if you reside outside United States, you have to use your mobile number with 00 followed by your country code. For instance, if you are from Croatia, the format should be 00385*********, where 385 is the country code for Croatia. You will receive a PIN as SMS, which you have to enter to authorize your mobile number). See international list of country calling codes to find out which is your country code and don't forget to use 00 before your country code.
5. Once your Gmail Channel and SMS Channel are activated, click Use Recipe, and you are done.

6. From now on, you will receive SMS alert for every incoming mail in your Gmail inbox.

Note: This app (as any other third party app I found) request to:

- View and manage your mail
- View your emails messages and settings
- View and modify but not delete your email
- Manage drafts and send emails
- Insert mail into your mailbox
- Manage mailbox labels

Important: This app is not Google product so Google is not responsible for any possible damage which this app may cause. It's your choice to allow this app to have "almost" full access to your account (and get SMS for every new email) or not. As I said it's best solution for your issue what I found after my research and the most important it's free to use (no costs).

Note: You can view and revoke authorized access to your Google account information at any time. To do so please go to Account Permissions > select app > click Revoke/Remove > click OK.


299 days ago
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