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replied the topic If someone intentionally killed your dog what will yo do? created by selcinor

Call the police and since animal abusers, etc, only get the equivalent of a slap on the hand I would contact the local news media (newspaper, television news) to make them aware so that hopefully they will report the crime and the name and face of the perpetrator so that this person's life is a living hell.

777 days ago
replied the topic If the cashier accidentally gives you more change, what would you do? created by daybyday

I've had it happen and not notice until I got home but definitely after the fact. I've always given it back even if it meant having to drive back to the store. If that cashier's draw is short at the end of his/her shift then she gets in trouble and possibly terminated. I have to be able to live with myself and that's not the way to go about it. Keeping the money is stealing and putting an innocent person's livelihood in jeopardy is just plain selfish and lacks compassion.

778 days ago
replied the topic Girl just commited suicide, what make people commit suicide? created by selcinor

Its a difficult question but yet not because Depression is at the root of it. The problem is that Depression is a disease of its own, can be a symptom of a disease or injury, or could be a temporary very low moment based on a situation a suicidal individual is not coping with rationally. From the Depression standpoint, I think suicidal individuals just don't see that their situation is ever going to change and ultimately draw the unfortunate conclusion that death is the only option.

782 days ago
replied the topic Will laptop replace desktop PC? created by kimi

The laptop is definitely become more popular because of the convenience, the versatility, and its constant transformation but the desktop PC I think is still here to stay even though it might not be as widely popular as before due to mobile data, notebooks, etc.

782 days ago
replied the topic What is the craziest thing you've ever done? created by hanabi

Skydiving. I loved it so much I did it 110 times.

860 days ago
replied the topic My cat loses her fur created by Deepblue

Is it falling out or is it from the cat scratching itself? Definitely something for a vet to answer. Could be a lot of things. Obviously its not normal so get him/her checked out. Good luck.

878 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite drink ? created by icecream

water or V8 spice for nonalcoholic. Corona Light for alcohol drink.

878 days ago
replied the topic What is a good free software that completely get rid of an uninstalled product from computer? created by PuGBO9712

Iobit, has freeware version that I love.

878 days ago
replied the topic What's your favourite music band? :D created by iGotRejected

Casting Crowns, a Christian band

878 days ago
replied the topic Which celebrity's death shocked you the most? created by Cheetos

Michael Jackson. It was surreal to listen to the media reports saying the greatest entertainer of all time was gone.

878 days ago
replied the topic How to find someone you lost contact with? created by walcott

I found many of my former classmates on Facebook.

878 days ago
replied the topic Who is your most trusted person? created by Beebekkarki

Jesus is the only one I truly trust.

878 days ago
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