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replied the topic How to start download again ? created by Dipto

torrents really. geesh its so old these days.. like dial up.. move on from torrents too much crap and bs..

15 days ago
replied the topic WHY THE FARK???? created by markallen

omg! u pay to hav ur d/l music this is so old lol! keep up wit the old ru 50!

50 days ago
replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost


84 days ago
replied the topic Why its better to choose Windows 64-bit over 32-bit ? created by lincoln

SIMPLE..64bit is double the amount of work and room to accomplish tasks..equation is 32+32=64.quite simple really hope this helps!

109 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 Sound Problem created by aliasadullah

ha14 is correct to find problem with sound..dont and i mean dont d/l any 3rd party driver solutions u are just asking for trouble! just follow the steps thst were outlined ....should resolve the problem..goodluck!

109 days ago
replied the topic How to quiet noisy computer fan? created by claire

Cannot believe somebody has not suggested this first unreal! You need to earth yourself b4 u start seeking out what the problem is inside ur computer. To do this.. with the computer off..with one hand grab the main power cord..and with the other place hand on main chasis of computer..with 2 points of contact at the same time..this is to prevent static doing more damage! once u done this then u can proceed to dive in so to speak! Also far as compressed air goes..sometimes can to more damage than u think..We use a electric air pump..on all our clients computers..basically we control the airflow..which is what u need a 220-240vac 50hz.130w is sufficent to accomplsih the task!

110 days ago
replied the topic Should I remove Mcafee from my computer? created by MrDjKhubaib security essentials.. this is all you need..for viruses..adware spyware, i have used this for the last 2yrs its gr8,it has detected and removed things thats none of the above could detect and remove! or you could try this

561 days ago
replied the topic My butthole hurts when I poop sometimes. What do I do? created by mutantnarwhal

try this bend ova lol

565 days ago
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